No theme, just 3 items that caught my interest today:

(Don’t overlook the posts below as well, since this is a new blog building up an audience I want them to get some comments before they fall off the page.)

Libertarian Balko writes about this because he doesn’t like imprisoning people for drugs, but he raises some interesting points about whether there is a better way to do incarceration taking into account costs and benefits to society. Personally I don’t care about the costs to criminals, but if there is a way to improve the recidivism problem it affects me so I’m willing to listen.

This “news story” incorporates a lot of conventional wisdom that has no basis any more. My own view is that the people in charge of the Fed and the Treasury are either clueless or trying to hold things together for a couple of elections, and have no idea how fundamentally unsound our economy and financial system is. Everything should have been allowed to collapse in 2008, we’d be OK again by now. Instead we will have N years of deep recession before the collapse, and recovering from the collapse will also take longer. Idiots.

Almost all election fraud is committed to favor Democrats (trust me on this, I have worked professionally in this field). This is just the latest:

I predict that there will be more fraud than ever this year, and that it will save the Senate for the Democrats (because in statewide elections extra votes in heavily Democratic areas affect the whole state) but not the House (because the swing districts don’t have many municipalities or counties with solid enough Democratic control to get away with this easily).


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9 Responses to No theme, just 3 items that caught my interest today:

  1. Anonymous Crab says:

    You really think it’s unlikely that the exact same people who would vote for Sharron Angle are the exact same people who would have trouble operating a touch screen?

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say the majority of “voting is rigged!” complaints this year will come from the “low information voters,” as we like to call them. The less in touch with reality you are, the harder it is to use a touch screen. This year, the dumb voters happen to be voting for folks like Angle, O’Donnell, and Paladino. In 2008, you could probably find similar complaints coming from the same voting precincts that quotes like “Obama’s gonna get us all new cars and pay my mortgage!” came from.

    Never ascribe to evil what can be explained by stupidity.

    All that being said, I look forward to the next hysterical report of the New Black Panther Party in action, intimidating those inner city Philadelphia residents into voting for … wait, what were they doing again?

  2. Crab, the Black Panthers were intimidating white voters whose polling place was in an inner city neighborhood from voting at all. Obviously they can’t force you to press the button for one candidate or another if they are not in the voting booth with you, but they targeted white people to try and discourage them from approaching the polling place.

    There are plenty of reports of voting fraud, the circumstances of which cannot be explained by voter stupidity. Astonishingly, they also show a strong correlation with increased votes for Democrats. I guess it’s just one of those coincidences, or maybe the media is only reporting it when Democrats are accused because we all know they try to make Democrats look bad and Republicans look good, right?

  3. rebelliousvanilla says:

    Denmark is 90% Scandinavian and 5.4% of the remaining people are of other European descent. Hardly a comparison with America’s demographics. I’d like a comparison be made with the incarceration rates of Swedish or Scandinavian Americans. In the same time, costs could be easily covered if prisoners were asked to work – no work, no food. Or if being a criminal meant forfeit of all your assets. Or a combination of both. Obviously, to libertarians, since they’re liberals that dislike the government only because it tells them what to do, criminalization is the root problem. This is the same mistake that gun rights activists make when they point to Denmark’s low crime rate.

    About TIPS – I have to point out how farcical it is to buy inflation adjusted governmental debt considering that the government, through the Fed decide what inflation is. Apparently, Americans don’t eat and don’t need energy since those aren’t in the basket of goods that are taken into account when calculating the core CPI. So, if inflation will rise, they can just take something else out of the CPI calculation and say that the specific thing was overstating inflation. I’m also baffled by Lyngen’s statement considering that the mandate of a national bank is to guarantee price stability, which is supposed to be easier due to alleged independence from politicians. If inflation is the goal, give the president the printing press – he’d do wonders. And we’d drop this charade of political independence, which is useless anyway if the Fed has the same desire as the politicians.

    I wonder if it’s that hard for Bernanke to interpret that. That’s a commodities index and quite a lot of commodities are shooting up through the roof in terms of USD prices.

    That’s food alone. But as I said earliers – Americans don’t eat. They get fat on consumer electronics, I presume. Also, I’d like to point out that investors are buying treasuries with a single purpose – dumping them on the Fed when the Fed plans to buy governmental debt. While I do agree that everything collapsing in 2008 would have been positive for the long term sustainability of the American economy, the living standards of average Americans wouldn’t have increased for at least a decade. You can’t have the biggest spending binge in world history and after an year just shrug it off. The US didn’t get any capital accumulation out of the period 1997-2010. None. Hence the reason why there are the same number of jobs around as in the late 1990s.

    Crab, I’d like to point out that all liberals/progressives/whatever are out of touch with reality. Does this mean they will all vote for the GOP this year? I wonder if you would have the same reaction related to voter intimidation if those were white people wearing white sheets on their heads. I suppose not – I’m willing to bet $50 that you would have been the first person to cry out racism. Or wouldn’t you? Also, what’s problematic isn’t what those men did, it’s Eric Holder and his cabinet. Pretty funny to dismiss charges when you have a slam dunk and then have your employees say under oath that you aren’t enforcing the law equally. I wonder if those two were KKK members, would have Holder dropped the charges too?

  4. rebelliousvanilla says:

  5. Fortitudine Vincimus says:

    Ha! Nice.

    Denmark is not 90% Scandinavian. Accurate numbers are impossible to get, and will get harder, because 3rd generation immigrants are simple counted as Danish no matter their heritage.

    A more accurate number would be closer to 85% Scandinavian, with approx. 10-15% non-Western immigrants.

    I’m more worried about Sweden. They’re hoarding Muslim’s like it’s nobody’s business.

    The only solution to this problem is, of course, to outbreed them and pay the irritating and criminal immigrants to leave. That is the ONLY solution, that will last.

    So… I’d like to see more proposals on how we can get Western women to start having 3 kids a piece. On average. So the median woman will probably have to have something like 4 kids.

  6. rebelliousvanilla says:

    Fortitudine Vincimus, as a Western woman, I outright refuse to compete with non-Western women in having children because Western men are too wimpy and want to feel moral superior about it and don’t want to outright kick foreigners out of their own countries. I don’t want to live in an overcrowded crappy place like China or India, just because European men enjoy circle jerking over social justice.

    I also don’t see why I should live a worse life over this either. The solution isn’t to outbreed them, the solution is to strip everyone who isn’t a descendant of the citizens of Denmark that were there in 1920 and have a proper citizenship system like having two citizen parents. Then ban welfare for non-citizens, have higher tax rates for them and, ban mosque building and burial places for Muslims so on. I don’t see why we should fight a social war with a hand behind our back.

  7. rebelliousvanilla says:
    Here are some calculations related to what would happen if we started to bred like you and Mark Steyn want. And if that’s what it takes to save Europe because of our own wimpiness, good riddance. I’d rather move to Singapore or Hong Kong.

  8. Fortitudine Vincimus says:


    The West’s power relative to the world will decline if fertility does not increase, whether muslim’s live in Europe, Greenland, or anywhere else.

    A young, dynamic cultural with a massive part of the population testosterone filled young men vs. a country of museum relics, feminazis and emasculated old men. China will be the arbiter.

    Your solution is good to solve the problem now. It does not solve the problem tomorrow, and it will not revitalize Western civilization. Now… to revitalize, I agree it will take what has been suggested elsewhere.

    A few ideas: Abolition of no-fault divorce, contraceptives, and abortion. Sex-segerated primary and secondary education. National service (18 months – 2 years for enlisted) for all males. End of the welfare state. The restoration of family as the pivotal institution of society, legally (and therefore those who would provide the “welfare” we now pay taxes for). Tax-breaks for particularly fertile families.

    Barring everything else, the last point is the most reasonable. No one puts as much effort into the economy, working tirelessly to provide for their young, as parents do. No one gives up so much. They are by far the hardest pressed segment of society in the West, and need all the support, moral and financial, they can get.

    The Catholic Church has, since 1962, been pretty lame. The current Pope will hopefully turn things around, but as a rule, their interests are not always one with Western Civilization, because they are generally more liberal than conservative.

    Ed: abolishing contraceptives, especially condoms which prevent most STDs as well as pregnancy, would be a social and public health disaster. You can’t have thought that one through.

  9. Fortitudine Vincimus, Muslims have crap birth rates in their home countries too. The whole world does, except Africa and India. Africa will never be a major anything in the world and India’s birth rates are falling too. Also, I’d like to point out from where all these countries are getting their military technology – they’re not producing it themselves.

    Since Asia is worse off demographically and Africa will never be a threat, I wonder who do you worry about. Brazil? I’d also like to point out to you that Muslims suck at war. They’re dumb and undisciplined and always have been – this is why Romanians creamed them in a lot of battles, in some being outnumbered 10 to 1. Do I have to point out that a tactic employed by the US army is to say that Muslims are impotents on loud speakers so that they open fire and reveal their cover?

    Obviously, the birth rates are a problem, I don’t deny that. But they’d be just a temporary fix, unless we expell people and ‘oppress’ them. And it would turn a nice continent into a horrible place to live. So this is simple – ban military exports, for one, and keep them out of our countries for 2nd. I have to point out to you that Western men would need to regain their balls and we would begin dumping population on other places of the world, like Africa if we were to have high fertility rates.

    I agree with your solutions, except bans on contraceptives and abortion. This was done by my country – the only thing happening was an increase in illegal abortions and a destruction of how people felt about having a family combined with a boom in children dumped in orphanages. And mind you, this was done in a totalitarian state that had no problem bullying its citizens, not in one like the Western states are.
    I wrote about this, but now I have even better ideas.

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