USA Political prediction

Having spent much of the last month staring at data from election polls, I am convinced that the Republicans will easily take over the House, but the Senate looks like a 50-50 tie (though WV CA CT and DE are possible pickups that would give them 51, as long as Dino Rossi doesn’t get another WA election stolen from him). WV is the most likely 51st GOP seat.

Assuming the Republicans do win, what happens next? Will there be a lame-duck session where the Democrats try to push through bills that would be doomed next year? Will the Republicans repeal everything and force Obama to veto the repeals?


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6 Responses to USA Political prediction

  1. Anonymous Crab says:

    Why would Obama repeal any of the Republican agenda, including their repeals? He loves Republican policies. He basically enacted their 1993 health care plan, and seems to share most of Carl Paladino’s views on equality for gay folks. Just the other week he was speechifying about how awesome it’ll be when the Republicans take over so he can work with them, or something similarly baffling. And he wonders why I might not even vote Tuesday?

  2. Crab, you are exactly the type of impractical liberal I hope stays home Tuesday. I know you’ve seen the polling data too, so you must know that Obama dragged the country as far to the left as he could and Congress is facing a backlash as a result, and yet you are dissatisfied with him for not dragging the country even further to the left. If you had any sense you would realize that the Democrats retaining control next year would advance your liberalism further than could be done in 2009-2010, but go ahead, take out your frustration that your views are not mainstream yet by staying home.

    I at least have enough pragmatism that I’ll be voting for my useless RINO of a congressman just to make sure Pelosi can’t do any more harm.

    This was a good read. Crab, I’d like to know what conservative piece of legislation did Obama support.

  4. Anonymous Crab says:

    Well. In all likelihood, I’ll vote anyway, because my polling place is at my kid’s school, and I’m the one who walks him there and back, so there’s zero additional effort required. That being said, my district and county are overwhelmingly Democratic, making the incumbents completely safe, I’m annoyed at everyone running for town council, and the single ballot proposition is incomprehensible, so, I don’t much see the point this year. 60 votes in the Senate and a Democrat in the White House, and we’re NOWHERE on the issues I care about, because we wasted over a year putting the 1993 Republican health care plan in place.

  5. Anonymous Crab says:

    There’s a lot in that article (and more in its sequel) that I just don’t believe, but I’ll tell you this: if Hillary (or any other Democrat) comes out in favor of true equality for all Americans, I’ll back the crap out of them in the primary.

    I have trouble believing anyone, supposed insider or not, who thinks Obama is in any way controlled by the far left. He’s a pathetic moderate, of the DLC sort — he’s Bill Clinton without the skill at triangulation.

  6. Doug1 says:

    I’m wondering if the Democratic strategist talking anonymously to the Washington Insider is James Carville. He did work for Obama’s campaign in 2008, but has been critical of him lately.

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