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Picasso Art

I like this story, and the pictures. Any other Picasso fans here? Arianna Huffington wrote a good bio of Picasso before she went into politics. Advertisements

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Public Service Announcement

The videos below came from here: I am too intellectual to be a good driver, my mind is always wandering onto various subjects and it’s hard for me to focus on the road all the time, but having an … Continue reading

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More Demographic Math

Here is a great article from Razib Khan which makes many of the points I made in my “Demographic Math” post, but with more detail and fancy charts. The Wheel of History Turns to the Gods He is reviewing a … Continue reading

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Democrats still in denial; WikiLeaks

I’ll have some non-political posts late tonight, but the following stories are encouraging: Democratic South finally falls Some of the discussions here have been about how the Republicans need to be more clearly the “party for white people” — it … Continue reading

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Thoughts on time passing

I’m at my wife’s 30th HS reunion. About 10% of the class is attending and I am impressed with how good almost everyone looks (though I still think no one is outdoing us). At my own reunion last year, it … Continue reading

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Post-Thanksgiving blues

I just found out about the death of a friend. He was only 47; I went into his jewelry store to discuss some business and was told the funeral is tomorrow. He dropped dead in his apartment a few nights … Continue reading

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Koran-burning again

Here’s another example of Koran-burning in Britain leading to arrests: Girl, 15, arrested for ‘burning Koran at school and posting footage on Facebook Many European countries are waking up but it sure looks like Britain is doomed. Muslims deserve constant … Continue reading

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