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I took a few books out from the library today, about some of which I will have more to say later:

Gowers is one of the top mathematicians in the world, who has won a Fields Medal and written some excellent books. This book, “Mathematics: A Brief Insight” is a minimally updated edition of his 2002 book “Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction”, and does a good job of explaining the difference in style between the kind of mathematics one learns in school and what mathematicians do. The differences in content are unimportant in comparison; and one of my own specialties is finding mathematics that is accessible to schoolchildren but has the flavor of “real math” (meaning, among other things, fascinating rather than boring). Another reason I like Gowers is because of his web-based collaborative math research activities, which he calls “Polymath projects”. 🙂

This book, “Am I a Monkey? Six Big Questions about Evolution” makes some interesting points about how Evolution is not only compatible with belief in God, but even strengthens it in some ways (I’m not going to spoil it yet, think about it). I haven’t read the whole thing yet and am hoping it has a good discussion of Intelligent Design, which has not been properly criticized yet in the books I have seen (there are plenty of critics who miss the point, but none who see the particular problems I see with it).

A particularly good pop physics book explaining advanced concepts in terms of everyday phenomena.


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