What kind of freedom do liberals want us to have?

Here are a couple of interesting posts from the libertarian Cato Institute:



Those to the left of center in America seem to be quite inconsistent about what kinds of freedoms they would grant us if they gain political power. For example, people must be protected from the consequences of bad dietary choices by taxes and bans, but encouraged to make as many kinds of sexual choices as possible; cigarette smokers are to be discouraged and marijuana smokers to be encouraged; people are to be protected from bad financial choices by restrictions on how they can invest their retirement money but encouraged to make bad financial choices where home lending is concerned, and so on. What is the common thread which explains these apparent inconsistencies? (I have my own ideas but would like to see what commenters say first.)


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3 Responses to What kind of freedom do liberals want us to have?

  1. Since I still haven’t gotten any comments on this, I’m bumping it to the top of the comment queue with a link:

    Don’t Touch My Junk

    This ties in with the theme of the post — what distinguishes the freedoms they want us to have from the freedoms they don’t want us to have?

    Here’s another on the same topic.
    MKH is awesome.

  2. rebelliousvanilla says:

    The TSA actually controls pilots? LOL.

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