Calling all bloggers

What can I do to get more hits and comments? (“Be more interesting” is good advice, but consider it already noted and give me some more technical tips on how to get people reading and writing here.) I need to learn how to be more provocative, I guess.


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4 Responses to Calling all bloggers

  1. rebelliousvanilla says:

    Get on the blog roll of people, name your posts better and so on.

  2. Thanks, and welcome back. I knew about the blogroll thing which is why I created my own a couple of days ago — I wanted to be able to tell people I linked to them before asking them to link to me. If you start posting on your own blog again I’m sure you’ll reciprocate.

    What makes a post name better? Are some words really good to use? I’ve got to figure out how to do keywords that will allow people to get here via Google. I also need to know how to get more activity on older posts that undeservedly (imho) got no comments without simply repeating them. One-sided discussions are no fun. 😦

  3. Anonymous Crab says:

    Comment on popular blogs, with a link to you blog in the “website” field. If your comments are good, you’ll get some traffic.

    Twitter is also worthwhile; I don’t remember the last time I made a blog post, but I have just shy of 700 followers. Follow other like-minded people, make good comments, link to your posts when you make them, and it’ll build.

  4. I’m commenting on Roissy and Sailer and linking back here, but I should probably try to find some other good places to comment. Twitter seems like a silly ego trip to me, if people want to know what’s on my mind right away there is a “subscribe” link here already. On the other hand, I can see some applications of Twitter that don’t involve trying to get lots of “followers”. Will think about this.

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