Microsoft and Apple

My laptop crashed and I had to restore it to the “factory settings”, put back the backed-up files, and reinstall the software (doing on an as-needed basis). Unfortunately the Microsoft Office 2007 that came with the machine needs a “product key” which, after 2 years, I can’t find any more, and the fact that I can prove I paid for the software doesn’t help. So now I have to pay $150 for Office 2010 (which is better than Office 2007 but not a lot better) or install the “Open Office” freeware. Which should I do? It seems like every week I find a new reason to dislike Microsoft.

On the other hand, I am continuing to enjoy my Apple iPhone 4 and its beautifully thought out design. It can turn someone with no photographic talent into a good photographer. Here are some pictures from a field near my house, plus one my 8-year-old took which takes a little while to understand.


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