Rate me!

I’ve added the “Nero rating” thumbsup-thumbsdown thingies so that I can get a little more feedback, since so many posts are going uncommented. Please comment too! (Has anyone read every post so far? There’s plenty of good stuff further back.)


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6 Responses to Rate me!

  1. PA says:

    Re. your earlier question:
    What can I do to get more hits and comments? (“Be more interesting” is good advice, but consider it already noted and give me some more technical tips on how to get people reading and writing here.) I need to learn how to be more provocative, I guess

    Some thoughts:

    – the good things: you’re using WordPress. I never understood why some choose Blogspot. The commenting mechanism is awful there.

    – consider making the font smaller. Roissy has the perfect graphic layout, which allows him to write longer posts that are easy to read along with.

    – definitely do not put long links in the body of your articles. Hyperlink instead. Long links look spammy and you run teh risk of being seen as a links guy, not original writer.

    – comment more often on other blogs.

    – ask Roissy, Chuck Ross, and OneSTDV to put you on their blogroll.

    – I’m only familiar with your commenting on Roissy’s. You come across as smart and thoughful, and you’re very readable, but you may be the victim of your own smartness. You come across as too reasonable, and it’s hard to ‘get’ your angle. That’s not to say you need to change your personality, just market a brand, if you will.

  2. PA, good suggestions. I like putting the link URLs in because they often have suggestive names, and I don’t think anyone who’s actually read this blog for more than a minute will think I’m just a “links guy”. But I’ll try your suggestion anyway. I wish I had more time to comment on other blogs, but I’ll try to do at least 1 a day on Roissy and Sailer. I’ll have to check out Chuck Ross and OneSTDV, never looked at those blogs before.

    “Too reasonable”, eh? I have tried to provoke discussion in some posts without revealing my own take too early, but having an “angle” may be a good thing. Right now the theme is just “what’s on my mind” because I don’t want the discussion to be too restricted to a few related subjects, I want there to be something to interest everyone (and everything to interest someone). I can’t call myself “Polymath” without backing that moniker up.

  3. PA says:

    I’ve added the “Nero rating”

    If all else fails, misspell this as “Negro rating.” Soon enough, Obsidian will arrive and will liven things up.

  4. Ha. That was so funny I honored you with the first “Thumbs-up”.

  5. Sarah Leah says:

    I read the post, it’s good stuff. Layout is fine too 🙂

  6. Rate Me says:

    Rate me is pretty much the same thing as hot or not

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