How scientific is psychology?

Here is an example of some research that appears to support the parapsychological concept of precognition. Methodologically, the work is apparently brilliant and well-executed, which means the paper was (rightly) published — the attempts to reproduce the results are where the real fun will start.

Online IQ tests are not worth too much, but I found this test quite interesting. It is much too focused on the type of intelligence useful in video games for my taste — every one of the 12 tests involved either a timed task (answering as many questions as possible in a fixed amount of time), or an untimed task that followed a transient input the test-taker must remember. I did well but not superbly; I would love to see a test where I could either use pencil and paper to make notes on transient input (in which case I would not mind if it were timed) or where the tasks with non-transient input were untimed (so deep thinking is possible). I think this test is less “g-loaded” than the articles I have read about it imply, and fails to evaluate a very important part of cognition, but it was still fun and interesting.


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  1. rebelliousvanilla says:

    It bored me actually. I scored in the 16% top of the people, but since I was bored, I did certain tests just to get over with them and see the next ones. Still, sucking at memorizing isn’t anything new to me. 😛

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