Photo disappointment

I would have had a great collection of photos from a state park near my house, except my iPhone’s camera inexplicably stopped working just as I got to the really good places. The camera now shows the scene to be snapped but does not allow any of the options to be pressed, occasionally blinking on and off the square box that shows up in the middle of the screen that you are supposed to move to indicate which part of the picture the light meter should calibrate from.

So here are some not-bad pictures that I took before the camera failed, I hope I can get back there with a working camera before things change too much.

First, a local craftsman’s store:

Now, some pictures from the park:


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3 Responses to Photo disappointment

  1. Well, turning the iPhone’s power off and back on again appears to have fixed the camera problem, so I’ll try again tomorrow, but I’d still like to know why it stopped working.

  2. Anonymous Crab says:

    Probably just out of memory. I run into weird stuff like that a lot.

  3. Not memory, just an Apple software glitch. How did you like the pictures? I got some more good ones today, will post them tomorrow after organizing them into a photo essay.

    Nobody has commented on any of my photographs 😦

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