WordPress feedback

I’m pleased with WordPress so far. The best things about blogging here:

1) It is easy to do things through email. I can get notified by email whenever a comment comes in, see the comment itself in my email, and just click on a link in the email to approve it or block it (depending on whether my moderation settings held it up or let it through), and I can simply reply to the email to reply to the comment. Someone complained about having to log in to moderate comments, but that isn’t necessary because of this feature.

2) The “Dashboard” page is great, eveverything I might want to do is right there.

What is not so good:

1) Commenters can’t preview their comments

2) Although I can see the email addresses of subscribers to the posts, I can’t see who subscribed to the comments on a given post, and I can’t see IP addresses of who visited a given page.

Please comment with your own feedback and suggestions.


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12 Responses to WordPress feedback

  1. RebelliousVanilla says:

    You can see the IPs of people who comment. Just think you’d have a really popular blog and you’d get 1000-2000 views a day. You’d want 2000 IPs in a list?

  2. Yes I would, actually. As a professional statistician with experience in Web-based software development, who specializes in detecting patterns in large data sets, I could learn a lot from such a list.

  3. narciso says:

    1000 views/day is “really popular”?

  4. If I could go from 100-200 to 1000-2000 views a day, AND the comments showed a corresponding increase in quantity without a decline in quality, that would be popular enough to suit me. I’m not trying to be anonymously famous, I just want to have interesting discussions. If it got bigger than that moderation would become a big headache.

    But yes, it’s easy to find lots of ridiculously stupid and crappy blogs with tens of thousands of hits, RV and I are implicitly talking only about blogs of a high enough quality that we would bother to follow them.

  5. rebelliousvanilla says:

    narciso, for someone who barely started his blog and writes about politics, yes.

  6. Hey, don’t pigeonhole me too much — people get tired of politics (I do myself sometimes), so I write about other things too. This blogs aims to have something for everyone (and everything for someone).

  7. Another record day Monday, 243 hits. The commenters are familiar, I wonder where all the new lurkers are coming from.

  8. Responding to a query: putting the word “privatize” in a comment will cause it to be put in the moderation queue if you have an issue you want to discuss privately, or are not sure whether I would be comfortable publishing the comment.

  9. Polymath says:

    So far we have had 141 hits from search engines, classified as follows (combining similar search strings):

    polymathblogger 68
    wyatt emmerich 34
    coyote + cliff 10
    polymath 5
    occam’s butter knife 4
    tim wise 4
    math + puzzle 3
    rebelliousvanilla 2
    sailer 2
    mark steyn 2
    (miscellaneous 1 each) 7

    The 2nd and 3rd highest searches are interesting. No one else picked up on the Wyatt Emmerich story about entitlements, and the reason I got 10 “coyote + cliff” hits is I searched through about 100 Wile E Coyote pictures myself to find the very best one of him going off a cliff.

    Here are the most viewed posts:

    Koran-burning again 171
    Demographic Math 152
    Feminist insanity 96
    Democrats still in denial; WikiLeaks 88
    More Demographic Math 68
    Currency News 57
    Christian and post-Christian ethics 53
    Why the liberals will lose tomorrow 52
    Three links from Mark Steyn 51
    Embarrassed to be Catholic 47

  10. Fuck me, I’m famous! I can’t believe people google me. lol

  11. PA says:

    Fuck me, I’m famous! I can’t believe people google me. lol

    It’s also a pretty cool feeling to stumble upon an old comment thread on a blog you rarely visit and on which you never comment, and see commenters you don’t recognize saying something about you.

    Happened to me twice; both times I was mentioned in positive terms, which is good.

  12. PA, I had a guy translate what I say on some threads in German. 😛

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