Koran-burning again

Here’s another example of Koran-burning in Britain leading to arrests:
Girl, 15, arrested for ‘burning Koran at school and posting footage on Facebook
Many European countries are waking up but it sure looks like Britain is doomed.

Muslims deserve constant ridicule. If they can provoke us with the Flying Imams and the Ground Zero Mosque, we can burn a book. I can’t stand the cowards who allow these idiots to use taking offense as a weapon.

Maybe I should make a T-shirt that will offend Muslims without anybody else noticing. Like show a nice sizzling slice of bacon, a beer, a poker hand and some gambling chips, a bank statement showing interest paid — can you think of anything else I should add?

I suppose I could also rewrite the words of the song “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music and post a video on YouTube, where the later verses can talk about burning green books full of squiggles or something.

There is a discussion of the story from September about the Florida pastor who threatened to burn a Koran here.


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  1. PA says:

    European people who are persecuted for Koran-burning or a host of other non-violent “incitements to hatred” need to start calling themselves political prisoners. That is exactly what they are.

    I grew up in a communist country. Seriously, barring the freedom to leave the country, Poland circa 1958 (my parent’s school years) or 1974 (my childhood there) felt much more free, and less spirit-crushing, than the UK in 2010. That is no hyperbole.

  2. rebelliousvanilla says:

    PA, we should all ask for asylum in the US because we are denied freedom of speech – I actually wonder what the odds would be to actually get asylum. lol

    And yes, in communism nobody expected people to deny human nature – that ethnic groups are different, that men and women are the same. So progressivism is far worse. What’s funny is how idiots are moved by ideas.

  3. And yes, in communism nobody expected people to deny human nature – that ethnic groups are different, that men and women are the same. So progressivism
    is far worse.

    That’s a funny mistake to make. The whole reason Communism fails economically is that it denies human nature about what kind of incentives people respond to. But I know what you meant. You are right that Progressivism denies it even more because of treating ethnic groups and genders as if they are the same. This is the exact point Paul Gottfried made in his Keynote address at the Mencken club conference:

    How the Left Won the Cold War

    Gottfried says that the “cultural Marxism” that triumphed in the West is worse than the old Soviet-style Marxism. Here is a long quote, but I strongly recommend reading the whole article:

    This movement is conventionally referred to as cultural Marxism, and it is now at war with anything that is not sufficiently radical in the social sphere. It adherents blame bourgeois society for such evils as “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” and the horrors of Hitler’s Third Reich. This post-Marxist Left appeals to the guilty conscience of the West for having held down everyone else and for not having fought with enough determination against “fascism.”

    Though in Europe this Left defends Communist regimes and typically plays down the crimes of Stalin’s Russia, it is not primarily interested in socialism. It is interested above all in reconstructing society, in integrating Western nation states into global organizations and in opening Western countries to Third World immigration and to popularizing non-Christian or non-Judeo-Christian religions. For those who may have noticed, the EU has become a major instrument for this desired social experiment in Europe.

    Where this Left overlaps Christian theology is in its stress on guilt and the need for atonement. But the Christian attitudes have been recycled into a replacement theology, one that develops a cult of revolutionary saints and victims, and one that produces a liturgical calendar centered on politically correct remembrance. In this replacement theology victimizing groups are expected to exhibit unconditional atonement toward those considered historical victims.

    This post-Marxist Left began to supplant Communism as the major leftist ideology in the West before the fall of the Soviet Empire. Already in the 1960s, a youth culture rejecting bourgeois standards of conduct and in close alliance with anti-colonial Third World revolutionaries, had taken root in Europe. Energy began to flow in the large Communist parties in France and Italy away from traditional party cadres toward young radicals. This rising elite were concerned with combating discrimination against women and immigrants and the marginalization of gays more than they were with the nationalization of productive forces.

  4. Polymath, actually communists never did the incentives thing. Everyone worked since you had no unemployment benefits and wages weren’t really equal. The problem was the idiotic idea that you can have an efficient command economy. Sure, there were quite a few denials of human nature, but none as swift as the ones done by the progressives. Heck, feminism alone makes less sense than the whole communist ideology.

    You might enjoy watching that. And here’s a thing that you will find in Romanian Orthodoxism that is the opposite of Catholicism – for attacking Romania, the Ottoman Turks are punished by Moses with eternal torture. Not they’re going to the same heaven as us nonsense. 😛 And you left me a lot of comments, I see.

  5. Hail says:

    Re: PA, rebelliousvanilla, polymath:

    “Homo Sovieticus” and “Homo Americanus”** were twins on these matters.
    Both had identical opinions on ethnic differences (i.e., that there are none, except in the case of the white race, which is Evil), gender, the role of the ‘nation’ (ideally there should be none). They approached the same goal differently. Various writers of the past 90 years have made a compelling case for this “evil twins” concept, most recently the brilliant Dr. Tomisalv Sunic of Croatia.

    ** — i.e., the ideal archetypes of Soviet-Communism and Capitalist-Liberal-Democray, reflecting their ideal Weltanschauungs. Representations of “Homo-Sovieticus” could be found all over the communist bloc, including Poland and so on. Representations of “Homo Americanus” could be found all over the NATO bloc and now all over Europe and the world. Only a certain fraction of the people were/are “true believers”, but the government apparatus and social norms force others to “toe the line”.

  6. RV, the denial of human nature, specifically human selfishness, is the core reason why Communism doesn’t do as well economically as systems where people get rewards proportional to their effort. I’m going to say something about this later on in my Thanksgiving post — the Pilgrims originally did the from-each to-each thing and almost starved, when they allowed people to farm their own plots they did much better.

    See here:
    The First Thanksgiving: How property rights transformed Plymouth Colony.

  7. PA says:

    To keep things positive I’ll throw out there some possible ways in which Leftism will end:

    – generational succession of elites. As one generation retires and dies off, their successors will not be as invested in the original specifics of their program, so it’s possible that they’ll reverse Population Replacement, for exemple.

    – Progressivism’s fundamental contradiction will drive the next generation of elites: the fact that what’s going on is the exact opposite of progress. Progress is advancement toward civilization and beauty. Original progressives, like Margaret Sanger with her eugenics plan to cull America of blacks and lesser whites were consistent with this. Moral judgment aside, old school Leftist eugenics were consistent withthe ideal of progress. Today’s program, on the other hand, is transparently disgenic, both in terms of orderliness, IQ and beauty. For all we know ,the next generation of Leftists may decide that NAMs litter too much, treat animals badly, are unruly, generate ugly music, and don’t sire and birth pretty girls.

    – As I am not a philosophic materialist — I accept a divine or a transcendent plane coexisting wiht teh material one — and thus I leave room for God or providence to deliver a miracle, and reverse the trends.

    Other reasons why current trends may change direction, or how Leftism might collapse?

  8. PA, the leftists have been pushing interracial marriage quite hard in the last 10 years because they have figured out it is the only sure way to destroy white identity. They don’t care about being dysgenic. They are denigrating the very ideas of civilization and beauty in order to avoid admitting that they have degraded everything. The leftists must be destroyed politically, it is useless to expect any positive change from within for them. It is still possible to destroy them with the right political provocations and ridicule and information campaigns, if the message can be gotten across in the teeth of the MSM headwind — you need good leadership though and creativity. Americans don’t like leftists but don’t like to think about them either, they must be made both ridiculous and reprehensible, which should be possible because the facts are there to clearly prove that their programs are absurd and their motivations are perfidious.

  9. PA says:

    the leftists have been pushing interracial marriage quite hard in the last 10 years

    In the United States? I would’t say “quite hard,” at least not if “hard” implies “directly.” There is almost zero presence of BM/WF couples popular culture. I don’t watch MTV so I don’t knwo what they show there, but in movies, TV shows, commercials… none that I can recall. Granted, I watch almost none of those, but that’s my impression.

    On the other hand, I’ll grant that there is a lot of indirect pushing of IR relations. Mostly by media’s juxtaposing of cool/handsome black males with attractive white females in nonsexual contexts, and a heavy assault against white men’s and boys’ image.

    The Left is much more brazen about this in Europe. In the US, it’s got two things working against them: the OJ / Nicole effect, and the ubiquity of extremely unglamorous, beaten-down, fat white women with mulatto kids. Black male suitors, except at their rarified high end, are understood at all levels of white society to be downmarket.

    I agree with you about the fact that the Left is ruthless and malign. I also agree with your recommended offense against them. What I am interested in is the possibility of Left’s demise via their own structural flaws, on top of whatever resistance we give them. It’s normal for the besieged party to overestimate their enemy’s degree of vitality and cohesion. Putting myself in the mind of a Leftist, I leave room for the possibility of thinking this way: “so we destroy the lesser whites, and rule the wogs. But neither I nor my children will ever know the pleasure of walkng through a city, visitng a small town, or swingng by a store, and seeing a pretty girl smiling back at me; it’s all gated communities, motorcades, and security details from here on.”

    And reject Population Replacement on the grounds of self-interested love of their own habitat.

  10. PA says:

    Somewhat related: watch this video.

    What degree of self-awareness is present among the creators of this video?

  11. Hail, I completely agree. That’s because Christianity is the grandmother of both Americanism and communism – ha, added my little bit to Spengler’s quote.

    PA, the elites won’t change anything. I’m actually fed up with the old right and the attitude you have – it’s been like this for a century now and the same things were said about the left and with each generation we moved further to the left. Also, since I’m fairly accustomed with communists, no matter how bad things get, they won’t admit that they did anything wrong. Progressives won’t either, just like Marxists don’t think that nationalizing the farms was a big mistake, despite a lot of people starving to death. So it is simple – surrender or fight. Fighting can take two forms – one is within the political process and the other one is outside the political process. I see the cancer as too widespread for any significant recovery for the former(also, there’s not enough time for slow moves to sanity) so there’s the latter. Subvert the current moral and institutional authorities and replace them with your own – this will pretty much put you where the current elites are. The majority will ALWAYS comply with what they are told, both in terms of moral grammar and in orders. So you don’t have to gain a majority of Americans, just the right ones. Give me all the opinion leaders in America and I will turn it upside down fairly easily.

    Oh, and I stopped caring about all these happiness indices. First of all, if people were told the truth, Danes would be pretty unhappy. And they are pushing for interracial relationships fairly hard – I think you’re not watching enough TV shows. Or porn for that matter. I don’t recall watching a single show without one of these couples – obviously, none of the leading actors. Yet anyway.

    And the progressives are weak. It’s just that most people, even so called conservatives, buy their premises and if you do that, what they do is the logical conclusion. But if you reject their foundational beliefs, it’s really simple to defeat them. Also, I don’t see why the GOP doesn’t paint the Democrats as the party of nonwhites, considering that the Democrats say that the GOP is racist anyway. And then do some divide et impera. Use the Hispanics against the blacks and vice versa. Use both against the gays and so on. Destroying the big tent of liberalism is easy as pie – if you want it.

    Oh, and Europe we have Sarkozy who told the French to intermarry with the immigrants and mix in a way that it sounded like its their patriotic duty. lol

  12. PA says:

    The elites have always been the enemy of everyone else in one for or another. Be it by killing their sons as cannon fodder in retarded squabbles betweenprinces, or hanging a man who poached a rabbit to feet his starving family in the winter. Armed thugs known as knights raped peasant children with impunity.

    So the question is not what about abolishing the elites. The question is abolishing a specific program that the past two generations of Leftists have been pursuing, but which woudl have seemed insane to previous leftists, like Woodrow Wilson and Margaret Sanger. In other words, Population Replacement is not an essential feature of the Left. It’s merely it’s part of its current program. So I want that particular non-negotiable — destruction of white peoplehood — fought; not necessarily leftism as a whole.

    There is no reason why Leftists might not go back to Wilson/Sangerism. They will still be evil, and the enemy, as the elites, Left, Right, or Royal have always been. But at least their abuses will be something other than destroying the European phenotype.

    Martha’s Vinyard is inundated with Jamaican temporary workers during the summer. An ultrawealthy maritime suburb on the Chesapeake where I visit an acquaintance on occasion, is teeming wiht Mestizos fishing off provate piers. They are families of the housekeepers, graciously invited to use the property on weekends.

    The elites will feel their habitat shrinkng. Even if they don’t feel it in the sense of physical danger, they will on the aesthetic level. Leftists are human (scum human, but operating on the same Maslovian program all of us do) and the five-year-old boys, the smarter ones, vacationing at Dark Harbor, might deem their parents idiots and seek to undo their foul work.

  13. rebelliousvanilla says:

    PA, you don’t understand leftism. What you have now is the purified ethics that Wilson had too. And killing your tribe’s men in order to hoard resources is a legitimate thing to do. I’d do it as an empress. lol

  14. Alvis Velthomer says:

    What always struck me as bizarre with the left was the elite white leftists’ tendency to defend the the social problems with its numerous factions within its coalition.

    With Islam, it is far more intolerant of adultery, homosexuality, “women’s rights”, different cultures, anti-science etc than your average “Bible nut”, yet the left holds no qualm with letting more of these “intolerants” settle and never uses popular entertainment or the msm to attack them despite them possessing “intolerance” in greater extremes than most modern Christians. However, there exists much more contempt for Christianity in the MSM and popular entertainment than there ever will be for Islam.

    I think this example is simply one of many about the modern left’s main drive being “anti-West” and “anti-white” than anything else, and since Christianity has much more ties to traditional Western identity than Islam, Islam gets a pass on being degraded by our establishment.

    Another example of the left’s most important issue being the destruction of the West would be the labeling of Pim Fortuyn, an openly homosexual Dutch politician who was assassinated. Well, Fortuyn was always labeled as being “far-right” despite his positions on most social issues and economics. Fortuyn was a leftist that realized that Islam was incompatible with leftist social values, and knew that demographics in the long-run would cause the doom of leftist societies.

    Fortuyn was the exception in that he realized that “big tent leftism” would not benefit his tribe (homosexuals) in the long-run. Fortuyn no doubt knew of what ethnic background most attacks against homosexuals in the Netherlands are, the Koran’s stance on homosexuals, and how homosexuals are treated in Islamic countries, even “liberal” ones like Turkey. It was only Fortuyn’s idea that immigration from the third-world and Islam are terrible for liberal values that got him labeled as being “the second coming of Hitler”. This is actually what eventually caused him to be assassinated, as a deranged leftist shot him because he genuinely thought he would have been the “next Hitler”.

    To PA:
    I do not think the Left Elite (which even includes our so-called “Right” elite) will “wake up” even if they are no longer in control in the countries they founded. The primary example being South Africa. Most of the leftists who pushed for the end of Apartheid still have no problem that their country is now a hellhole, however, it is important to realize that most of these leftists have either left the country (to no doubt continue their cognitive dissonance in order to avoid quite literally having reality beaten into them) or live in gated communities. The left elites will always have their gated communities, and as such they will always have their cognitive dissonance.

    RebelliousVanilla is right in that there is no amount of pain, discomfort, and impoverishment for the non-elite people that would get the Left Elite to change their minds about ideas they base their entire movement on. Only when their very lives are threatened or the stages of power (government, media, academia) taken away from them, is there a “change of heart”.

  15. Alvis, a leftie like Wilders or Pim will be the one who kills leftism. And the left doesn’t mind Islam because Islam is a subject of the left. It’s them – they need to be accomodated. It’s not us – the ones who have to accomodate. I explained this to you before – the left doesn’t care about women rights. I recall the shock I had when the feminists in Australia said that the prosecution of some Muslim rapists was racist. Funny enough, they have no problem with defending made up victims that ruin the lives of innocent men. Progressivism is reality denialism and a pathology. We should treat it as such.

  16. http://irishsavant.blogspot.com/2010/11/blightey-celebrates-diversity.html
    Here’s another volunteer to be raped and murdered. I don’t consider white people who are having criminal acts committed against them victims anymore. They’re volunteers.

  17. I explained this to you before
    Alvis, I told you she’d see through the name change right away….

  18. RV, there are two different kinds of victims here. The first kind is the trashy girls who have been raised with no standards and don’t think there’s anything suspicious about getting into a car with strange men — see these TWO separate and distinct stories from Britain this month (at first I thought they were the same story when I did a Google search for one of the stories then I noticed the rapists’ names were different):

    ‘Sexual predators’: Gang of Asian men weep as they are jailed for total of 32 years for abusing white girls as young as 12

    Asian gang prowled streets searching for rape victims

    The second kind is the stupid liberal idiots who have swallowed all the multicultural propaganda as well as all the media images encouraging interracial coupling and so feel no natural wariness around Muslim men and mistakenly imagine they will behave socially like white men do, like the Norwegian girl in the story you linked to.

    UPDATE: Here’s a third story, from August, with the same theme. Britain is doomed.

    How a public schoolgirl, 14, fell into the clutches of predatory gangs who forced her to become a sex slave

  19. rebelliousvanilla says:

    The latter is not a victim, it is a volunteer. The former can be a victim, since well, all the men around her are tools. The only victims are those who were screwed against the odds. Just like not knowing the law isn’t a defense, not knowing the truth isn’t making you a victim. At least in my books.

    And hey, you can label her as a victim, but I won’t feel sorry about her at all. And it was easy to see through the name change, considering he mentioned the death of his pet. I should do this and you will see that you won’t recognize me(well, you can see my IP, which sucks :P).

  20. “Victim” of stupidity and propaganda, not saying she isn’t partially responsible (depending on the risks she took, perhaps almost entirely responsible, like someone who entered the tiger cage in the zoo would be).

    Your style is distinctive. Good luck disguising yourself.

  21. I recall the shock I had when the feminists in Australia said that the prosecution of some Muslim rapists was racist. Funny enough, they have no problem with defending made up victims that ruin the lives of innocent men.

    Although I had long recognized that feminists were illogical and emotionally twisted because of certain lies they told about the abortion issue, it was a shock for me too when they defended Bill Clinton in 1997-8 against sexual harassment and rape charges for purely political reasons. Not that this defense surprised me really, the shock was how UNANIMOUS it was, there seemed to be not a single feminist who would condemn Clinton. A little later I realized there were such feminists but the media refused to write about them; for both the news media and the feminists, this was the point of no return in the loss of their credibility. At this point “they’re all leftists” is a fully sufficient explanation for all their lies and perfidy. On an individual basis there is no problem convincing people that the feminists are worthless tools, but we need to be more creative about destroying the whole movement by making it ridiculous to people in general.

    As for defending rapists, race always trumps gender, which is why the stories below will not result in feminist outrage:

    More than a third of S.African men admit to rape: study

    Quarter of men in South Africa admit rape, survey finds
    (an earlier version of the same study)

    This is the earlier study in full detail. It is quite interesting as a piece of survey research — it has obvious methodological problems but the researchers were creative in solving those problems as best they could. What is really creepy though is the tone, quite suitable for a piece of medically-oriented research but completely at odds with the unstated but glaringly obvious conclusion to be drawn from the study which they never dare mention (namely, anybody who is in South Africa who does not get out as soon as they can is an insane idiot).

  22. rebelliousvanilla says:

    I am always shrugging these studies off because they ask men what they did and then the researcher choose what is rape and what is not. It’s a joke. So if you have the raw data of the study, I’d be curious to see it. Otherwise it’s just like the Koss study in America.

  23. I know all about the stupid American rape studies. This one was done better which is why I linked to the pdf file with the details. The “did you rape” questions were worded like this:

    “Did you ever force a woman who was NOT your wife or girlfriend at the time to have sex with you?”

    “How many times have you and other men had sex with a woman at the same time when she didn’t consent to sex or you forced her?”

    “How many times have you slept with a woman or girl when she was too drunk to say whether she wanted it or not?”

    and so on. Those are pretty clearly written questions. For example, of the 27% in that study who answered yes or a number more than zero to one of the rape questions, 5% were referring only to a wife or girlfriend, 12% to an acquaintance or stranger, and 10% said they had done both. I could probably get the raw data but the findings are believable enough to me without it.

  24. FortitudineVincimus says:

    The Sound of Music idea sounded good. I bet that would be great!

  25. rebelliousvanilla says:
  26. Interesting discussion there.

  27. By the way, Zenster missed your point — of course it’s OK to have a declaration of rights for those within a cohesive group, but anything coming out of the UN by definition has to be “universal”. As I said on the “Christian and post-Christian ethics” thread,

    The right answer, if you are to avoid all sorts of recent problems, is to have a polity which is explicitly dominated by a group cohesive enough that social factors ensure the workability of a code which, while privileging that group, maximizes freedom and individual rights within the group. In the absence of a creed like Christianity or Islam as the basis for membership in this group, the normal criterion to use is ethnicity, because of the natural loyalty people feel to their ethnic group. The problem with this is that unlike religion, people can’t change their ethnicity, so minority groups create problems if they are too large.

    Americans don’t like this, and have chosen the alternative of having a propositional nation, where professed loyalty to a particular political structure is a secular creed that attempts to do the job of group-forming instead of a religion or ethnicity.

    America trying to do it propositionally runs into trouble as I explained further down, but that’s still quite workable compared with the EU/UN insanity where the various groups don’t even have to profess loyalty to a set of propositions in order to be privileged with rights.

    The situation with the new EU “Framework decision on combating racism and xenophobia” is truly horrifying. If an EU country can extradite you from Romania for something you write on your blog and prosecute you for inciting hate then there is no hope for Europe; fortunately the law is too absurd to be enforced because thousands of bloggers will do the Spartacus thing. Are you actually afraid of them prosecuting you, or would you rather welcome the attention and become a rallying point?

  28. PA says:

    Are you actually afraid of them prosecuting you, or would you rather welcome the attention and become a rallying point?

    That’s actually an interesting question. As I noted earlier in this thread, that would be a time to call oneself a political prisoner, possibly go on hunger strikes… in China they’d just stuff you away somewhere and you’d be forgotten; in the EU, on the other hand, you might be able to draw the necessary attention to the problem.

    If you’re an attractive and articulate enough a figure, and principled, the system might crack.

  29. rebelliousvanilla says:

    Polymath, any law that the Romanian government would pass is something that wouldn’t make me worry because they’re too incompetent to enforce them. But considering that Sweden isn’t and in Sweden a man was convicted for hate speech for saying he’s fed up with Swedish women being raped by immigrant hordes, I can expect the Swedish government to make a formal request to the EU to have me in Sweden to face trial. And they don’t even have to ask Romania to send me there, the EU Gendarmerie can come in and arrest me on the Romanian territory and ship me to Sweden.

    To be honest though, I wonder what kind of authority does the Swedish courts have over a Romanian citizen who commited a thing that they consider a crime outside their jurisdiction. On the other hand though, I’m not afraid over this happening to me so I would ask for asylum just to piss off some EU politicians. I doubt I’d be granted asylum though. lol

  30. PA says:

    I would ask for asylum just to piss off some EU politicians.

    This happened recently. A German family was granted asylum in the US over their persecution in their native country over homeschooling their kids. According to one article I read, this is the first time the US gave an asylum to a citizen of an allied Western nation. They now live in Tennessee.


  31. Alvis Velthomer says:


    I think there is a good chance Obama might “convert” to Islam after he leaves office in order to build American “tolerance” for it. Kind of like how Tony Blair converted to catholicism after he left office, and how his sister-in-law converted to Islam to spread “acceptance” for Islam.

  32. PA says:

    Reading about that family and seeing their pics, it’s clear that Germany’s loss is America’s gain.

  33. Red Wine and White Wine, a forty malt liquor
    Sizzling hot bacon sliced thicker and thicker
    Pork rinds to go with my Barbecue wings
    These are a few of my favorite things

    Bank statements showing the interest I’m earning
    Slot machines ringing and roulette wheels turning
    Playing cards covered with Aces and Kings
    These are a few of my favorite things

    Cruising gay bars in localities urban
    Drawing a man with a bomb for a turban
    Burning green books full of black squigglings
    These are a few of my favorite things

  34. rebelliousvanilla says:

    Alvis, isn’t he a Muslim anyway? The son of a Muslim man and a Christian(or communist, whatever) woman is a Muslim child. He was even registered as Muslim at the school he went to in Indonesia, if I recall correctly. So from Islam’s point of view, he is either a Muslim or an apostate(waiting for the fatwas).

  35. Alvis Velthomer says:

    To PA:

    In modern America, its extremely hard for Europeans to immigrate to America. I have seen several Europeans on forums lamenting how they are trying to do so for years under the illusion that the “grass is greener on the other side”.

    Yet, third-worlders have no trouble settling here despite having no idea on how to function in a modern society, and basically become welfare cases at best or malicious criminals at worst (with the most notable recent example being that Somali who was planning a bombing in Oregon).

    We are basically living in an inverted society. Where is right is wrong, ugliness is beauty, depravity is integrity, and Islam is peace.

  36. Here’s an example of the kind of design I want for the T-shirt (the lyrics above could go on the back):

  37. Christian(or communist, whatever)
    LOL @ this. As you have pointed out before, faith in progressivism is what often happens to those raised with Christian ethics who lose their faith in God.

  38. Thanks everyone, this blog just set a new daily record for hits, due to this thread. Up to 198 right now. That’s 1 more than the number RV said was her record on 3/29 of this year, which was also due to a thread about Islam. But since hits to pages here are strongly correlated to how much she comments on them, I’ll give her awesomeness the credit.

  39. PA says:

    Congrats. I’m getting into your blog. I don’t comment a whole lot, but I check out others’ comments.

    I foreget, either you or I noted earlier that you sound “too reasonable” or something… I think this is becoming a major strength for you. It contrasts well with RV’s more spirited comments… comes off as mature and credible.

    At this point it’s time you start commenting a lot on other blogs to draw the traffic here.

    (one more note, somethign about your setup causes your blog to load and refresh longer than it should, and jump around while doing so; is it those thumbs-up/down devices? or maybe your masthead art is of extremely high file size?)

  40. The slowness is because I want all my posts to be on the front page as long as possible so I allow this. I will look into changing this.

  41. rebelliousvanilla says:

    Polymath, you should thank me for commenting and forwarding your blog to other people. 😛 Nobody really promoted my blog. 😦

    PA, the blog doesn’t have any problems on my end.

  42. Total was 230 for yesterday (USA Eastern time zone). Writing about Islam seems to draw hits. I wish I were in the EU so I could get prosecuted, that would be almost as good as a fatwa.

    RV, I already did thank you by crediting your awesomeness, but thanks again for promoting the blog and for hanging out here as well as for serving as Muse. It’s too bad you won’t do your own blog anymore, I think it was more interesting than mine.

  43. narciso says:

    RV, earlier:
    And they are pushing for interracial relationships fairly hard – I think you’re not watching enough TV shows. Or porn for that matter.
    i can’t speak for television, but, suspension of disbelief is among the prime elements of good porn.

  44. Here’s another example of how insane it is to imagine that Middle Eastern Muslims can integrate into Europe and America:

    Saudi women sue male guardians who stop marriage

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