Public Service Announcement

The videos below came from here:

I am too intellectual to be a good driver, my mind is always wandering onto various subjects and it’s hard for me to focus on the road all the time, but having an iPhone multiplies the temptations greatly. My response is to be unashamed to pull over when I want to check my mail or do something on the Internet, just as I am unashamed to pull over for a rest if I am feeling at all groggy. These ads will help me remember to be good about this.

What everyone tends to forget is that even if you are still alert enough not to CAUSE an accident, you may not be alert enough to AVOID an accident caused by someone else’s mistake. It’s not just about whether you are “at fault”; most people have had at least one incident where they avoided a bad accident by noticing another driver’s mistake and reacting quickly, and even though the accident would not have been their fault in the legal sense, that wouldn’t have been much consolation to their families.


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