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Crashing the system

People don’t appreciate how since the 1960’s leftists in America have explicitly and unashamedly desired to sabotage the American economy and fiscal system and make it unsustainable, in order to foment revolutionary change. The very same old lefties are at … Continue reading

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Peter Schiff: Home Prices Are Still Too High

Schiff has an op-ed in the WSJ today here: Home Prices Are Still Too High in which he says Even those economists worried about renewed price dips would be unlikely to believe that the vicious contractions of 2007 and 2008 … Continue reading

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Who is Ron Paul?

Here is a new interview with Ron Paul from National Review Online, in which he talks about his new role as the chairman of the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy, where he will keep an eye on the Federal Reserve. … Continue reading

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What is wrong with Mexico?

Mexico says its troops killed US man Mexico is incredibly violent and corrupt. It’s no wonder so many Mexicans want to come here. But….eventually blame must be placed fairly. This is only one story, but in conjunction with hundreds of … Continue reading

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Pro- and anti-gay-marriage propaganda

The original version of this did not have the bad language bleeped out, but this one is still NSFW because, well, you’ll see why I am linking rather than embedding it if you listen…. FCKH8 Here is the response from … Continue reading

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Polymath Book Club: The Bed of Procrustes, by Nassim Taleb

This book is a collection of aphorisms. I have recommended Taleb’s other work highly; The Bed of Procrustes is very different but equally good. In order to convince you of the quality of the book I shall choose 5 aphorisms … Continue reading

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A heartwarming story

Houston jewelry store owner kills 3 robbers As a matter of policy, I oppose the death penalty, with very rare exceptions (which I’ll explain in the comments if anyone cares), mostly because our judicial system is too imperfect to do … Continue reading

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