Chess problems

Here are two games I played recently: White to play and win. What is interesting is that in both cases the solution involves a sacrifice which I played intuitively, and did not bother to analyze all the way out, because my judgment told me the attack must ultimately be winning. Sure enough, I had to find several clever moves later on in each of the games, but they existed, my intuition was correct. (If you find a different way to win, which certainly exists in at least one of the two games, that’s OK too.)

Game 1:

Game 2:


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5 Responses to Chess problems

  1. rebelliousvanilla says:

    My rating is bigger than yours!!! 😛

  2. Polymath says:

    Ha. That’s because they start you at 1200 and I’ve only finished 5 games so far.

  3. Polymath says:

    24 hours and no takers? OK, here’s a hint. The first move is the same in both positions.

  4. Polymath says:

    No chess players here? Here’s how the second game finished:

    19. Ne4-f6+! g7xf6 20. e5xf6 Ne7-c8 (Black could give back the piece but then he loses a second pawn and White has a winning attack against Black’s weakened Kingside) 21. Qc5-e3! Qc7-b6 (the best defense, other moves lose similarly but quicker) 22. Rd1-d4 (avoiding the Queen exchange) Kg8-h8 23. Rf1-f4! c6-c5 (not only to attack the Rook but to allow the Queen to return to defend her husband) 24. Rf4-h4 Qb6xf6 25. Rh4xh7!+ (breaks down the remaining resistance)

    Kh8xh7 26. Qe3-h3+ Qf6-h6 27. Rd4-h4 Qh6xh4 28. Qh3xh4+ Kh7-g8 29. Qh4-g5+ Kg8-h7 30. f5-f6 c5-c4 31. Qg5-g7 Checkmate

    The other problem is harder and with the best defense Black achieves an inferior endgame he might survive in, but White’s play is still clearly best because with other continuations he would have no advantage. I’ll post that solution in a day or two. (UPDATE: My computer found an alternate solution which is somewhat clearer; it forces the superior endgame without giving Black a chance to try to survive the attack. My line worked better practically though since my opponent failed to find a good defense and got mated.)

  5. Polymath says:

    Still no answers? OK, the solution to the first problem goes like this:

    14.Ne4xf6+ Be7xf6 15.Ng5xe6! (In the game I played 15.Bb3xe6 d7xe6 16.Ng5xe6 which also wins due to the attack against the Black King which is stuck in the center, but is quite a bit more complicated than this similar line which my computer found) d7xe6 16.Qg4xe6+ Qd8-e7 17.Rf1-e1! Qe7xe6 (or 17…Rh8-f8 18.Bc1-h6 which will reach a similar position) 18.Re1xe6+ Bf6-e7 19.Bc1-g5 Nb8-c6 20.Ra1-e1 0-0-0 21.Bg5xe7 Nc6xe7 22.Re6xe7 and with an extra pawn and more active pieces, White should win the ending eventually.

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