Black “farmer” settlement fraud

Remember Shirley Sherrod? She turns out to have been involved very deeply indeed in the billion-dollar fraud where black crooks pretended to have been farmers or to have attempted to be farmers in the 80’s and 90’s in order to cash in on the “Pigford” settlement. There was a whole industry in the black community devoted to exploiting this settlement, which placed Sherrod in the Agriculture Department so she could help them from the inside, while politicians hindered the FBI and honest USDA employees from stopping the fraud.

The Pigford Shakedown: How the Black Farmers’ Cause Was Hijacked by Politicians, Trial Lawyers & Community Organizers — Leaving Us With a Billion Dollar Tab

Me & Mrs. Sherrod — And The $1.25 Billion Pigford II Black Farmers’ Settlement

Andrew Breitbart does good work, both the previous post on WikiLeaks and this one came from his website. There is much more on this story there.

UPDATE: See the 4th comment below for an explanation.


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5 Responses to Black “farmer” settlement fraud

  1. rebelliousvanilla says:

    Why does it matter that those farmers were black? I’m too lazy to learn what this crap was about. lol

  2. Polymath says:

    Because the white farmers who failed to obtain loans from the Federal Government did not file a lawsuit claiming racial discrimination, while the black ones did. Of course, if the black farmers who were denied for being less creditworthy had instead been given loans anyway, they would have defaulted at higher rates and sued claiming predatory lenders were discriminating against them by exploiting them.

    The legal principle which justifies this is known as “the black person always wins”.

  3. rebelliousvanilla says:

    Polymath, then the white farmers should have sued and use the black farmers case as a precedent for the court’s reasoning. That would have made the panties of the liberals twist and turn.

  4. Polymath says:

    More great work from Breitbart’s website on this. It’s amazing how this was under the media’s radar for 10 years despite tens of thousands of fraudulent claims and the existence of a whole industry to recruit black people to pretend to be farmers and get a $50,000 settlement.

    Pigford Video Blockbuster: Key ‘Black Farmers’ Lawyer Admits Clients ‘Got Away With Murder’

    I’ve embedded the video as an update to the post (I don’t know how to embed one in a comment though there must be a way to do it).

  5. Polymath says:

    As long as Eric Holder is at the DOJ this fraud will never be prosecuted.

    Justice, Denied.

    If the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have any balls, Holder will be impeached after they hold hearings on all the issues detailed in that story.

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