Christmas Tree Farm

Tree Farm 1Tree Farm 2Tree Farm 3Tree Farm 4

They really do mean ALL trees $40; every year a guy with a big atrium comes in and buys a 17-foot tree for $40, and they’re happy to get rid of the big trees to make room for more small ones.

UPDATE: Here’s the tree we bought (in the top picture you can see my wife and daughter standing next to it before it was cut) before any decorations and ornaments.
Tree Farm 5

Here’s the tree after it was decorated, and another picture of the tree farm, and the 2nd smaller tree we bought still in the ground, and what it looks like decorated.


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21 Responses to Christmas Tree Farm

  1. rebelliousvanilla says:

    LOL@be careful signs. Please, this is so American.

    Here Christmas trees are more expensive. :/ They don’t have medium sized ones. 😦

    Here’s something amusing. 😛 People love voting for me in games.

  2. Polymath says:

    We got one big tree for the living room and were thinking of getting another small one for the playroom but $40 seemed too much for a small one. However they had some really nice small ones (“Concolor Firs”) whose needles had a lovely citrus smell, if we can’t find a good small one elsewhere I’ll go back. We never had more than one tree before but have accumulated too many Christmas ornaments now so need two.

  3. PA says:

    Christmas tree farming is a big industry in western parts of North Carolina, way in the mountains. Entire mountainsides are covered with grids of these trees.

  4. Polymath says:

    I know that region well. We have family in the Asheville area. Is that where you live?

  5. PA says:

    I don’t live there but I have relations in the Boone area, whom we visit often.

  6. PA says:

    I live on the greater DC Metro area, but lived in your neck of the woods for three years, and worked in Cambridge.

    Incidentally, I made it a point to drive through the town of Sparta once, where Tom Wolfe’s fictional character Charlotte Simmons lived. LOL, I even saw the high school she went to.

  7. PA says:

    You recall how a few weeks ago you asked readers for some feedback? Blogger Chuck Ross (one of my favorite bloggers, by the way) just asked a similar question, and I responded with this longish comment.

    Since my original response to you — I think I wrote somethign to the effect that you don’t yet have a recognizaeble ‘angle’ — my thoughts on the matter have taken more shape. If you read my comment to Chuck, you’ll see what I mean when I say that you are an example of an “ideas writer.”

  8. Polymath says:


    Having read what you wrote there, I guess I should say “thanks for the compliment”. One point of this blog is to have interesting discussions which will help me refine my own thinking as well as spread my ideas, but I don’t have an agenda or a powerful and unified theory to promote like some of the other “idea bloggers” you mention (Moldbug being a particularly good example). I’m still more interested in learning and feedback than in winning converts, which is why I’ll be happy if I can get up to 1000 hits a day (which would be 10 times the hits I am getting now), as long as the quantity of comments increases proportionately while the quality does not decrease. Perhaps in a year or so my thinking will have crystallized and I will be more interested in aggressively promoting an agenda and worldview. For now, this is a place where people who share my interests (especially RV from whom I have learned a lot) can hang out and discuss things.

    I’d like to be a “personality blogger” too, but that’s more difficult because for various reasons I don’t want to get too personal here. Some of the regular commenters here know me personally (through email or in the off-line world), and are aware that there is more to me than I write about here.

  9. PA says:

    I meant “ideas writer” as a sincere compliment. To be one, you have to be exceptionally intellignet and clear-thinking.

    Maybe you visit different blogs than I do, but I don’t see you commenting a lot elswehre — that brings in the hits. Also, seriously, something about your page causes a long delay in opening and refresing. Took me 20 seconds — I just counted. Then, when I click ona comment thread, it does this again, and jarringly skips up and down before settling. This happens both on my work and my home computer. This discourages visits.

  10. Polymath says:

    I took out the little thumbsup-thumbsdown page-rate thingies, does that speed things up?

  11. rebelliousvanilla says:

    PA, I experienced no problems with it.

    Polymath, I have a fairly crystalized worldview, but I need to conceptualize it and write it all down, which is too much of a hassle. And I feel to foreign from most people to actually get them to understand me, so I don’t really care as much about promoting what I think to begin with, especially since I’d violate the emotional comfort of a lot of people. And another thing is that it would be pretty spacey for me to write in such a way as in to make people understand where I’m coming from. After all, it took you a couple of months for that to happen to a certain degree.

    By the way, after reading the page of Swedish Democrats, I’m going to revise my idea about Swedish men – there are some who do have balls. Sadly, all of them are fans of the SD though.

  12. rebelliousvanilla says:

    And commenting on blogs is tiring when your point of view is unique. I’m bored of it and I feel tired of explaining anything. Easier to just say fuck it all and do something else. It’s sad because once in a while you get some illusions that some people get it, like I had with the Counter-Jihad people, but most of them are clueless progressives to begin with that are stuck in their mode of thinking and preconcieved notions.

    It’s distressing for me because I was once like that too and I expect them to see it, but meh.

  13. Polymath says:

    Well, that explains why you hang out here, somebody understands you….

  14. FortitudineVincimus says:

    Boy is life tough or what

  15. PA says:

    Poly, you vouched for RV being real. None of my business other than blog-reading curiosity, but whence yor certainty? You guys talk on Skype or something?

    As I wrote on Roissy’s, as a hot radical-right young chick, she’s “too good to be true,” especially given past internet hoaxes, but I DO know Eastern Euro chicks like her so she’s not completely implausible.

    (removing the thumbs device speeds things upo nicely. But something;s still holding up your main page. Is your masthead graphic a very hi-res file?)

  16. Polymath says:

    PA, what’s still holding up the main page is just that there are so many pictures on it overall. For now I want to keep all the old posts there so newcomers can easily see them, eventually I’ll reduce the number on the front page and it will load faster.

    If you had explored RV’s blog you would never ask such a question about her.

  17. PA says:

    I looked at her blog once or twice but not indepth. I think she stopped posting a few months ago. My question was pretty reasonable considering everything, not dumb. Why? because she advertises her persona as I described above, and posts what I presume is her photo.

  18. Polymath says:

    Added a new picture to the post, showing the tree we bought in our house.

  19. rebelliousvanilla says:

    PA, if I was a guy, I’d be intelligent enough that if I was to pretend being a woman, I’d run a blog that I’d actually bother with and ask for donations and so on, since we are more likely to get money. Otherwise, it’s completely pointless.

  20. FortitudineVincimus says:

    Nice photos.

    Although hipsters have ruined it (like everything else), I was toying with the idea of photography, ie. getting into DSLR cameras.

    Anyone here an expert?

  21. Polymath says:

    Added four more pictures to the post, so bumping to the top with this comment.

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