Debating Liberals and Feminists

I’d like to get more disagreement and debate on this blog, because it’s more interesting and I might learn something. I only know one liberal who comments here regularly (though he’s a very good one, fair-minded and thoughtful). The sites I regularly comment on, which are on my blogroll, don’t have a lot of people who would disagree with me fundamentally.

So I decided to comment on a liberal feminist blog, which subtitles itself “In defense of the sanctimonious women’s studies set” — this suggested that they had more of a sense of humor than many feminists and might be more open-minded about following up on an interesting comment from a non-feminist point of view. On Roissy’s blog, Gorbachev had linked to an active post Whore Stigma Makes No Sense so I added a comment which upheld (or rather described and stated as worthy of a response) a traditionalist viewpoint that disagreed with the author of the post. Mindful of the notorious propensity of feminist and liberal sites to ban people for disagreeing, I was cordial and careful to not endorse the traditionalist viewpoint, merely stating that they needed to address it. My comment was held for 5 hours but they eventually let it through; we’ll see if anyone thinks it’s interesting enough to come over here and have a look around.

Can anyone suggest another place to comment which might pull in a more politically and intellectually “diverse” bunch of readers?


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5 Responses to Debating Liberals and Feminists

  1. Duh says:

    I couldn’t read the crap on the link you gave – it’s that stupid. Refuting their non-sense isn’t really worth the trouble because anybody who bothered to come up with such a scheme to legitimize their idiotic beliefs won’t going to change how they think things through. And the way I see it, all those women are whores.

  2. Polymath says:

    Well, maybe, but I was still hoping to lure them here so I could watch you destroy them.

  3. rebelliousvanilla says:

    Oh, and I drive the new Honda. It’s not 2011, but way newer than yours and it is pretty cool. 🙂

  4. Polymath says:

    How much do those cost in Romania? (By the way, your comment and my reply should have been on the other thread.)

  5. New, second hand, what facilities and so on. lol

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