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Even though I am very pleased with the stuff I have put up here recently, 8 of my previous 9 posts before this one have had no comments from anyone except me or RV. I know from the hit meter that plenty of other people are reading them — please say something, because comments spark more comments and the interesting discussions will attract more readers. Also, if you like my posts, tell other people to drop by.


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4 Responses to Tell your friends

  1. PA says:

    Do you visit and comment on other blogs? That’s how you pull in the commenters.

    If I had a blog, I’d comment a lot on Roissy’s, Chuck Ross’s, OneSTDV’s, and Ferd Bardamus. All of the above are unmoderated and have lively commenters (though the golden age of Roissy’s comments section was in 2009)

  2. Polymath says:

    Well, I did comment on Sailer’s blog today. The only reason I didn’t comment on Roissy was that the active thread was an interminable discussion about Jews; interesting things were being said, but I didn’t feel like plunging into that today. I’ll look at the other three you mentioned, though I’d also like to figure out where to go to get a more intellectually diverse bunch of readers (i.e. get some liberals, feminists, etc., to come here too).

  3. PA says:

    A funny aside on “tell your friends” — no one I know in real life reads blogs. I tried to turn some like-minded friends on to Roissy and Auster, but it didn’t take.

    About five years ago, I was at a party and had an amiable and slightly drunk convo with a smart liberal lawyer. I threw out Steve Sailer’s name apropos whatever topic we were on, and he furrowed his brow in disapproval and said something about Sailer being bad.

    I was ecstatic: as of even now, it was the only time ever I talked with a real-life person about a blogger or blog commenter. Other than that, I am living a double life.

  4. Ardian says:


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