Today’s absurdities

Muslim Student Files Complaint Against Teacher … for Talking About Ham
Pretending to take offense as a cultural weapon is such an obvious explanation by now, but amazingly people still think that these “sensitivities” need to be respected. I really should work on those T-shirts.

Counterterror Chiefs: London Terror Suspects Were No Threat to U.S.
The professional soothers are at it again, they always claim there is no threat when there obviously is. Napolitano also said they are working 24 hours, 364 days a year to protect us, I guess that explains the Christmas Day bomber last year, that must have been their day off.

CBS News airs fake, typo-ridden cover of Bush’s ‘Decision Points’ memoir
They eased Dan Rather out but never admitted how obvious the fakery was on that Bush National Guard memo in 2004; this is just the latest in an infinite collection of illustrations that their fact-checking process consists of “this makes me feel good because it makes Republicans look bad, therefore it must be correct”.

Another favorite form of bias is to never write about a story that makes liberals look bad until it is completely resolved, then sum it up as if they had been reporting it all along.
‘That pattern we never told you about is ending’

The phony ‘Net Neutrality’ research
A well-reported story by the WSJ about the methods used to institute policies which make no sense but benefit certain interests. It’s amazing to me how unashamed the mainstream media outlets are that they can be so easily manipulated — again, their skepticism entirely shuts down when the implications of a story make them feel good (meaning: support a liberal or leftist agenda). We have a free press, which means that if you are willing to do some work you can always get “the other side”, but the huge majority of people simply assume that the news they are fed is already balanced and they don’t need to seek out other viewpoints. That usually when they have personal knowledge of the facts in a story they can see it is reported wrong, and that the errors are ALWAYS in one political direction rather than another, are not enough to make people admit how biased the process is, because nobody likes to admit they’ve been dupes their entire lives.

Republicans Still Haven’t Learned
Andy McCarthy is angry at the Republicans for compromising with Obama and increasing the debt load still further, by allowing so much spending to go with the extension of the tax cuts, when they could have gotten a much better deal by waiting until next month. I agree with him that this would have been better policy, but my hunch is that the long-term political damage this deal does to Obama outweighs the damage it does to them since it is still the “old” Congress which will get blamed. Obama is no Bill Clinton and he cannot pull off the dance steps he will need to keep his base satisfied and also appeal to the voters in the middle.


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3 Responses to Today’s absurdities

  1. Polymath says:

    Another absurdity from today, my candidate for the worst editorial of 2010, from Tim Rutten of the LA Times:

    So the rich can get richer

    This piece is the concentrated essence of economic progressivism: almost purely motivated by envy. I won’t bother deconstructing it here because it is so self-evidently illogical and so densely packed with rhetoric calculated to arouse envious passions in the place of proper arguments, but if you enjoy getting outraged at liberal idiocy, this is where you want to start.

  2. Audrey says:

    I don’t see any idiocy in that editorial.

  3. Polymath says:

    Ok, you got me — the first few stories I linked to in the post were absurd, but the last piece, the editorial by McCarthy, didn’t fit that theme, I just included it because it was something from the day’s news that I wanted to comment on.

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