Opus 100

There are a lot of stories I want to comment on today, just like yesterday. I will skip posting on Christmas day though I hope the comments will be active. This is my 100th blog post, and I’m only just getting started; but although there’s much more I’d like to talk about I want to figure out how to get more visitors first, that will make it more fun for everyone.

Biggest story today for me:
Emails show Bloomberg office’s desire to get Ground Zero mosque built

I worked for at Bloomberg’s company for a few years. He was a great boss, and he’s been as good a mayor as I could expect someone that liberal to be. But he really doesn’t get it about Islam or multiculturalism. (As an employer, Mike hired a lot more women and members of minority groups than was typical on Wall Street, and I can confirm that he did not lower his standards to do so, the people he hired were good at their jobs; however, when you are mayor of a city you cannot enforce a common and productive culture like you can when you are the majority owner of a private company.)

I am sure that Bloomberg’s Jewishness has something to do with his attitude here, but it’s complicated. There’s been talk of him running as an Independent for President in 2012; if he thought he could win, he would do it, but he’s realistic enough that it’s unlikely he’ll jump in.

The Washington Post thinks things are going well in Iraq and that Bush’s vision may be vindicated:
A good year in Iraq

On the other hand, The New York Times shows why things are bad there:
More Christians Flee Iraq After New Violence

These stories don’t contradict each other. Iraq is going to end up about as good as a Muslim country can get, but that’s still going to make it a bad place because Islam is so intellectually and socially crippling.

This is a really cool video:

A 100,000 pound jet is accelerated from 0 to 240mph in 300 feet by an electromagnetic catapult. I calculate that this takes 153 megawatts of power and exposes the crew to about 6 1/2 g’s for 1.7 seconds.

More good stuff from WikiLeaks:
Wikileaks cable reveals U.S. conspired to retaliate against European nations if they resisted GMOs

I believe everything here, except that I think GMO’s are not deadly and many countries are irrationally prejudiced against them. However, that doesn’t mean I would trust anything Monsanto or the US Government says about them, and I’m glad to see this story.

In my opinion, if we have seen the worst then Wikileaks has failed to expose the US Government as a uniquely evil monster and has instead shown it to be relatively benign and ineffectual compared with other governments; but I don’t think we have seen the worst yet.

Here’s another cool science story:
Denisovans Bred With Humans Outside Of Africa

“Denisovans” are an archaic human subspecies, probably a late form of Homo Erectus. Combined with previous similar results about Neanderthal DNA, this shows the politically fashionable “Out Of Africa” hypothesis is completely exploded — some of our ancestors were in Europe and Asia hundreds of thousands of years ago, and the various human subspecies never diverged from each other enough to make interbreeding impossible — instead we had “multiregional evolution” happening simultaneously in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The multiregional theory had been unjustly derided as racist, but its leading proponent in recent decades, Milford Wolpoff, has been vindicated (his work was based on fossils and rejected because of DNA evidence but he always insisted more detailed genome studies would back him up, as they now have). Here is Wolpoff’s book: Race and Human Evolution: A Fatal Attraction.

Finally, some stories about His Sufficiency B.H.S. Obama:
Hawaiian Governor’s Big Goal: Torpedoing Birther Conspiracy
How hard can it possibly be to topple this conspiracy? Just release the original birth certificate with the details about hospital, doctor, date, and time.

Former Agriculture Secretary Confirms FBI Investigations Into USDA Inside-Job Pigford Fraud
More good work from Breitbart.com — this story is going to be the big scandal of 2011, along with the DOJ nonfeasance, and Holder and Obama are deeply involved (Obama because the Pigford settlement was one of the few things he actually worked hard for when he was in the Senate, and Holder because the DOJ ignored and failed to follow up on reports of fraud).


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