A heartwarming story

Houston jewelry store owner kills 3 robbers

As a matter of policy, I oppose the death penalty, with very rare exceptions (which I’ll explain in the comments if anyone cares), mostly because our judicial system is too imperfect to do it properly; but that doesn’t mean I don’t think some people just need killing. If I were a governor, I would not commute death sentences because I personally opposed the death penalty, I would only do so if I had real doubts about the prisoner’s culpability. And when there is a controversy about an upcoming execution, I generally find myself sympathizing with the pro-execution side.

Mr. Castillo is lucky to live in Texas, where the law is on his side. There are a bunch of related stories on the KHOU TV station’s website, which are linked from here:

Sources: Suspects killed by Houston jewelry store owner had been on robbery spree

The robbers were apparently Honduran nationals on a crime spree (the stories don’t say they were actually illegal but I am almost certain that they were), and the getaway driver apparently did so. Under Texas law, if they catch him, HE can be charged with murder because the felony murder staute in Texas does not exclude deaths of some of the criminals themselves — any death caused by the commission of a felony is the responsibility of all the participants in the crime. That would be nicely ironic.

This story illustrates the superiority of a shotgun as a defensive weapon. In my state shotguns are much less difficult to buy than handguns; I’ve only trained with pistols, so maybe I’ll go back to the gun club and learn how to use a shotgun.


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2 Responses to A heartwarming story

  1. FortitudineVincimus says:

    Care to comment if the store owner had been white?

  2. Polymath says:

    Judge for yourself:

    Click on the picture to go to a website his family set up if you want to donate for his medical bills.

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