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Open Thread

I am going to quit blogging for a while to deal with increasing responsibilities elsewhere, but I encourage my faithful readers to continue the conversations on existing posts and on this one, on whatever topics interest them. I will probably … Continue reading

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Lying about inflation

Today I noticed that several things I bought regularly have recently increased significantly in price (movie tickets, gas, sandwiches at a local luncheonette, chocolate, ice cream (increase masked in last case by reducing package size instead of increasing price)). We … Continue reading

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San Francisco pictures

Here are some pictures I took on a recent vacation. My photographic posts rarely get comments, but I hope this time will be different….

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Poker math

I have had to analyze some multi-deck poker games recently. Suppose I am dealt 7 cards from an 8-deck “shoe”, and I have to make the best 5-card hand out of 7. What is the probability my best hand is … Continue reading

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Depressingly predictable

I have not written about the Arizona shooting because it has been so depressingly predictable; I knew immediately that the shooter was a crazy person and that there would be a large number of liberal pundits and news organizations jumping … Continue reading

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Chess puzzle

Black’s Queen has two squares, a2 and a3. One of them draws, one of them loses. What should she play?

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Warning, explicit content

This document was sent to me by a pro-life organization I belong to. It shows what Planned Parenthood PP memo is successfully getting into 9th grade public school sex education programs (obsoletely named “Family Life Education”). The conference described here … Continue reading

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