Are Republicans becoming the party of white people?

It says so here

The Triumph of Sailerism

and here

White Flight

but the GOP refuses to facilitate this trend because they are afraid of being called “racists”. If 95-98% of blacks consistently vote Democrat, why would Republicans trying to get the fraction of whites voting for them to go from 60% to 70% be the racist ones? Oh, right, because black people can’t be racist.

A liberal friend asked me once why I was voting for a Republican; I said I’m a white male like you, most of us vote Republican, you’re the one who has some explaining to do not me. This was said facetiously because I was not at all shy about explaining the political reasons for preferring Republicans to Democrats, but the tone of his question had been “how can a nice guy like you support such meanies?” so I didn’t feel like answering seriously. But it’s become clearer to me since then that trying to make white people (and only white people) be ashamed to vote in the interests of the demographic group they belong to is a key strategy of my political enemies (and I don’t even call them opponents anymore, they treat me as an enemy rather than an opponent which forces me to do the same).


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2 Responses to Are Republicans becoming the party of white people?

  1. The GOP advancing the interests of white people would be relatively amusing to watch if they did it properly. But they’re the party of stupidity, so even if they did it, they’d probably ruin the PR of the whole thing.

  2. Alvis Velthomer says:

    Its funny how the only major white demographic that did not get mostly for Republicans are college educated women.

    However, the thing is that the Democrats at least deliver to the nonwhites. They give them government redistributed goodies, they leave the border open, they create preferential hiring for them, they create more public sector jobs for them (in which NAMs get preferential hiring).

    What have Republicans done for whites outside maybe the business elites?

    75% of the population growth over the past decade was driven by immigration, and that is not even including the children of the immigrants that arrived during this decade.

    Why is it with a scarcity of jobs no one is even suggesting curtailing immigration? I mean NO ONE is suggesting it. Republicans at the very least could be trying to curb the population growth of their enemies (since white leftists don’t reproduce unless its through the public indoctrination program), but they are such ball-less wonders that they pee themselves at the thought of being labeled “racist”.

    They need to wake up soon. Texas is in a similar demographic mire as California (with the only difference being that white Texans vote like a minority bloc). If Texas becomes majority NAM, Republicans can kiss ever having the presidency again goodbye.

    Also, economics is bigger losing issue for Republicans than social issues in the long-run is that while some whites are turned off by the Republicans’ social stances, most NAMs are turned off by their economics stances since they actually threaten the livlihood of NAMs especially middle class (dependent on government jobs) and underclass (dependent on government welfare). Not facing up to the demographic tsunami now, means they will also have to fold on economic issues down the road too. Republicans have already given up on social issues, if they give up on economic issues, why bother voting for them at all?

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