Waking Up about Islam

Following the success of Thilo Sarrazin’s book, Germany is waking up. This article from the German magazine Der Spiegel exhibits a bias against its subject all the way through, but the bias is so transparent that he still comes off well.

Riding the Wave of Islamophobia: The German Geert Wilders

In NR, Jonah Goldberg finally makes a point that has previously eluded mainstream commentators, that maybe the “peaceful Muslims” are insignificant:

Who Are the Real Hijackers of Islam?

He discusses the horrible story from Pakistan about how a relatively enlightened state governor was assassinated for suggesting that a Christian woman condemned to death for blasphemy on dubious evidence should be spared .

Here is more evidence, from The Guardian which cannot reasonably be accused of anti-Muslim bias, that the problem with Pakistan is Pakistanis, and the only reasonable policy for us is to back India to the hilt against Pakistan:

Mainstream Pakistan religious organisations applaud killing of Salmaan Taseer

A divided Pakistan buries Salmaan Taseer and a liberal dream


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3 Responses to Waking Up about Islam

  1. The German guy is funny because this is how I started getting interested into social issues – I had a moment that simply triggered an overwhelming interest into this stuff. What’s funny is that neither this guy, nor Wilders will solve anything. I better convert to Islam if these two are the best that Europe can put forth as a defense. On the other hand, they are the type of people who can destroy the current paradigm, which is why they’re so hated.

    And yes, the hijackers of Islam are the ‘moderates’. I do have to admire Pakistanis for how they defend their culture. Too bad their culture is crap.

  2. Polymath says:

    Wilders and Stadkewitz are not the best that Europe can put forth, but they are necessary precursors. Younger and better right-wing politicians will come along, the current right-wing parties are establishing a base for them to work from by being moderate enough to get some political representation. Eventually people like Fjordman will be entering politics openly.

    I would not use the word “admire” — I respect the Pakistanis for how they defend their culture but I don’t admire them, in the same way I respect the vicious dog that lives down the street but don’t admire it.

  3. quodcerno says:

    I wonder how this ties into low-IQ people outbreeding high-IQs.

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