Warning, explicit content

This document was sent to me by a pro-life organization I belong to. It shows what Planned Parenthood

PP memo

is successfully getting into 9th grade public school sex education programs (obsoletely named “Family Life Education”). The conference described here was taxpayer-funded. This memo is a report by a teacher who attended the conference and was appalled, followed by actual conference materials so you can see for yourself that the report is not exaggerated.

I am not in a mood to write about this in my usual thoughtful and mature style, and I’ve already done several regular posts today which are pretty good — for this one, I am encouraging (in keeping with the tone of the material itself) commenters to be uncensored and speak as freely and frankly as they want to.


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6 Responses to Warning, explicit content

  1. Gorbachev says:

    This is truly disturbing.

  2. And this is why I will have children, I will homeschool. Funny enough, I taught sexual education as a volunteer when I was a high-school senior and I actually told people about abstinence and exposed the nasty parts of abortion. What was fairly lame was guys making fun of me that I’m supposed to teach them how to have sex – even though for some it was the case since I found out that some had no idea what a clitoris is. ūüėõ

  3. Gorbachev says:

    Sadly, many men have no idea what a clitoris is.

    How can these “educators” be so completely out of touch with society?

    They must live in hermetically sealed liberal bubbles.

  4. I do admire the guy though – he had the balls to ask me what it was. It almost makes up for the fact that he didn’t know what it was.

    And they’re out of touch with society because their plan is to transform society. What’s hilarious is that all of this would be easily solved with having boy and girl schools like we did when we had a semblance of sanity in our culture.

  5. Polymath says:

    Yes, homeschooling might be necessary if this continues (we send our youngest to Catholic schools so this filth won’t be a problem; our high schooler is OK because this insanity has not reached our district yet, and we did home-school him for a couple of critical years). But what should really happen, and may happen here, is that the programs the perverts are stealthily putting in should be exposed very loudly at school board meetings and through neighborhood political activity, and parents should rise up. If my district, which is well-run, gave this idiocy any serious consideration I would have an issue to run on that would guarantee me election to the school board, and probably a whole slate of like-minded parents.

    How would people in your country react to the schools having a program like this for 9th graders?

  6. RebelliousAwesomeness says:

    I’m not sure. Here a child needs parental consent to be in sex-ed classes. And here the teachers aren’t progressive idiots, so the teachers would mind doing this kind of stuff too. Hence this won’t happen too soon. There were debates about it, but mass outrage was caused. I don’t have much hope for the younger people though since they’re completely brainwashed.

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