Fake Obama birth certificate changes everything

The White House’s release of a document purporting to be a scanned photocopy of President Obama’s original long form birth certificate (still available online here) is provably fake. I do NOT want to get into a technical discussion of whether it is or is not faked, although commenters may argue about that if they like, since the evidence is, to me, conclusive, and can be found all over the Internet (the YouTube channels of kdenninger and orangegold1 are good places to start). The blunder the White House made was making the PDF file available, instead of an image file which would have not contained all the internal structural information documenting manipulations that the PDF file format does. (An expert can still tell that it was probably faked just from the image file, but not in a way which could be conclusively demonstrated to a non-expert.)

Remember the fake National Guard letter which was intended to destroy Bush’s candidacy in 2004, and instead ended Dan Rather’s career after it was exposed to be a crude fake? For several weeks, the MSM tried to pretend there was still a controversy about its authenticity, but eventually they shut up because everyone who knew how Microsoft Word works, OR who knew and trusted someone who knew how Microsoft Word works, was laughing at them. This new document’s falsity is equally blatant and only slightly harder to demonstrate; there are so many millions of people who understand image manipulation software like Adobe Illustrator, and so many tens of millions of people who know and trust one of those millions of people, that the same process will occur. Although the proof is technically more difficult, since this came out 18 months before the election, instead of 2 months like the fake 2004 National Guard letter, here is plenty of time for understanding of the fakery to become widespread. It will happen without the mainstream media noticing, because they are committed to covering for Obama and all Democrats, and even conservative outlets like National Review and Fox News have not caught on yet, but they will, because too many people have an interest in pursuing this for it to die.

I think this radically alters the 2012 political situation. Since this document was on the White House’s website, they can’t claim they don’t know its provenance — they don’t have the deniability that CBS had in 2004 by pretending the document came from some mystery woman named “Lucy Ramirez” whose identity was never investigated (because the failure to do their jobs and investigate it had less bad consequences for CBS than, in their estimation, Kerry not winning would have). They have to stonewall, but unlike the earlier stonewalling where they simply wouldn’t release the birth certificate, now they have done something much worse, which would be regarded as an impeachable offense if a Republican president had done it (as, indeed, similar evidence-tampering was regarded when Nixon did it in the Watergate years).

Hillary Clinton could doom Obama’s re-election chances today. All she has to do is resign and say that this is new information which has changed her mind, and trot out an eminent document expert to back her up. This would force a real debate in the MSM, and the phoniness of the document is so clear that Obama would have to lose such a debate. If she doesn’t do it, Sarah Palin or some other Republican will; I claim that any Republican candidate who is intelligent enough and technically adept enough to personally grasp the technical issues confidently (as Romney, for example, is) will refuse all advice from wimpy media-whipped handlers to stay away from such a divisive issue and campaign on it, because they will understand the facts well enough to be able to defend their position against all opponents.

Rupert Murdoch could doom Obama’s re-election chances too, but he won’t, because he doesn’t care about politics really. It is a joke to regard him as being “on the right” in any meaningful sense. That doesn’t matter, though, because 18 months is long enough for the fakery to be widely discredited.

The funny thing is, I don’t think even a proof that Obama was not born in the U.S. would make him Constitutionally ineligible to be President, because his father’s marriage to his mother was invalid due to bigamy, so there is no legal presumption that Obama Sr. is his father (a name on a birth certificate is not enough, absent a valid marriage or formal acknowledgment of paternity or court-certified finding of it). But since he started with this story, he has felt it necessary to stick to it, it is probably too late to switch now.

If this does NOT get traction in the media, I will personally do as much as I can to debunk the fraud. If the media/Democrat complex is able to get Obama re-elected by successfully fooling most people until November 2012, I would rather be living in a Communist country like the old Soviet Union, since people there only pretended to believe the official lies.


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13 Responses to Fake Obama birth certificate changes everything

  1. Gorbachev says:

    A friend, who’s a technical guy, and uninvested because he’s not American, had a look at this doc a while ago. he noticed the same things you did: they shouldn’t have released a PDF. It was a monumental error. It’s going to bite the Dems hard on the ass.

    Obama’s got some fancy dancing to do. There’s going to be all kinds of conspiracy talk.

    I still find it likely he was born in Hawaii and he’s eligible to be president. Why they did this is baffling. I’m going to guess that someone thought this would be easier – and then there was a goof. Someone’s going to be strung up for this. And them Obama will be gone.

  2. Architeuthis Neb says:

    Obviously the file the White House released has been substantially altered. Furthermore the alteration was presumably done by the White House, since the correspondence with the Hawaiian Department of Health that the WH released indicates that the DoH responded to a request for “two certified copies” of Obama’s long form birth certificate with two physical copies which were “Enclosed” in the reply from the DoH to the White House. Therefore, only the White House could have produced a PDF “scan” of the certificate, with or without subseqent digital alterations. Why the White House would so thorougly mangle the scan of a document whose purpose is to prove Obama’s authenticity if said document is legitimate is a mystery. Why they would so thoroughly mangle a forgery if said document is not legitimate is a mystery. Why the Director of the Hawaii DoH AND the State Registrar would be silent while the WH used their names on a forgery is a mystery. I am actually inclined to suppose that the certificate is legitimate, since the alternative involves a full-blown conspiracy theory and two mysteries rather than one. It is possible that Obama really has the certificates and released screwy scans so that he can slap down the Republicans who dare to question him by letting FactCheck.org release photos of the hard copies later. This is exactly what happened 3 years ago with the short form certificates, and while it may have been accidental then, Obama could figure that what worked once (or three times, if you count the people satisfied by the first crude airings of the short and long form certificates separately) will work again. He may actually be a genius.

  3. Polymath says:

    Neb, I have to admit that is an explanation I hadn’t thought of. This administration has been so colossally stupid in other ways that it is hard to see them as geniuses, but they may be idiot savants with respect to politics.

  4. Alvis Velthomer says:

    I concur with Neb. I think its greatly possible that this was whole birth certificate issue is a trap set up by the Obama administration. I know for sure that no Republicans will be touching this issue seeing as how even the prideful and aggressive Donald Trump was cowed by getting egg in his face on this issue. Also, if there is one greater quality to most Republicans than their stupidity, its their cowardice. Any Republican who will be touching this issue will be stupider than he/she is cowardly.

    However, with that I digress that there is much about Obama’s past that has been obscured or swept under the carpet, and is perhaps the most shadowy president we have had in modern history. I still think he will likely get re-elected barring some sort of economic catastrophe that takes place between now and election-day, of which probably even one of my house cats could beat him in a general election.

    However, for now, I think the general election is for Obama to lose.

  5. Really? Very glad you’re back, but, really? I love it.

  6. FortitudineVincimus says:

    Does your average middle-of-the-road American even care about this?

  7. FortitudineVincimus says:

    Also agree with Alvis – in spite of all the doom-sayers, Obama has the gift of the gab. He’ll get re-elected.

    And to be honest, I’d rather he get re-elected than a fiscal, but “morally” correct disaster like Perry/Bush waltz in and earn Conservatism the blame for the nation’s troubles.

  8. Polymath says:

    ResearchRants, your comment got caught by the Spam filter, which noted that it had no semantic connection to the post. That’s only the 3rd comment that has been improperly caught, while only 2 have been improperly let through, and a couple hundred have been properly caught. I conclude that Akismet has a pretty good Spam filter and WordPress >> Blogger for spam-catching. You shoulda posted in your old persona (which I won’t reveal since you may have a reason for disassociating yourself).

    FV, Obama cannot hold it together for another 17 months. There is no way the MSM can hide from people how bad the economy is for that long, and it’s not going to improve, and the foreign fiascoes won’t be possible to hide either. This year feels very much like 1979. The Republicans might still lose if they nominate an idiot, which they are capable of doing, but there are several solid candidates who would beat Obama by default simply by not being idiots.

    Alvis, the economic catastrophe has already taken place (though it may get a lot worse), there is no way that the GOP can fail to use the line “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” and it will be even more of a contrast than the 1976-1980 contrast.

  9. FortitudineVincimus says:

    Here is an interesting set of plans for how to fix the economy – needlees to say, I’m most in favor of the heritage foundation’s plan.


    I still don’t think any of the Republican candidates, as they seem right now, will be able to unite Americans.

  10. FortitudineVincimus says:

    Of course, within the next 20 years, we might well find ourselves in a major war with China or another great power and any number of their allies. That should cost a couple trillion dollars, at least.

    Will we have the back-bone to win it when that day comes?

  11. FortitudineVincimus says:

    And by the way – is there any correlation between how a candidate for the presidency votes before and after he becomes President?

    Do they all become more left-wing? More moderate? Can I anticipate how any of the candidates will be once they get into power? Could we have predicted GWB would be a total fiscal disaster?

  12. Polymath says:

    OK, the brilliant Lubos Motl has gone deeper into this


    and now I am leaning towards thinking it’s fake again, rather than a double-reverse switcheroo, because it looks harder now to take a real document and make a digital fake-fake out of it than I had realized.

  13. Polymath says:

    Deeper analysis from Motl; the balance has swung back towards “birth certificate is real” now (he found some data compression software that produced artifacts like the observed ones when he applied it to the document).


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