The Trayvon Martin case, summarized

There’s a lot to say on this case, but I’ll wait to see what the prosecutor alleges. However, the following two links I saw today should give you an idea of my current attitude:

Why I Called George Zimmerman a Murderer, and Why I Was Wrong

Torch Mobs for Tolerance


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6 Responses to The Trayvon Martin case, summarized

  1. Polymath says:

    The charge is second-degree murder. I’m not familiar with the details of Florida law, but from what I’ve read, that charge makes sense only if Zimmerman initiated a fight with Martin: if Zimmerman intended to kill Martin, the charge would be first degree murder, and if he didn’t start the fight then much lesser, if any, charges would be warranted.

    I predict that there will be one or more witnesses testifying at trial that they observed Zimmerman touch or in some other way physically interfere with Martin, because otherwise reasonable doubt is certain, and only an idiotic prosecutor or a political hack would bring such a case (the prediction is not a very certain one, because plenty of prosecutors are idiotic or political hacks).

    I also predict that Zimmerman will ultimately walk free, either by acquittal or after an appeal.

    These predictions are very carefully worded, and you should use extreme caution in drawing from them any conclusions about my reasons for making them or my opinion of the case. I will say more when more facts come out.

  2. I’m looking forward to the trial, and glad there will be one. I find it pretty interesting Zimmerman has been charged with murder, and not some flavor of manslaughter, or even a much lesser charge — it makes me suspect the state has some pretty clear evidence on its side, perhaps some bullet trajectory data or security camera footage that makes it clear this wasn’t a case of self-defense. We’ll see, I suppose.

  3. Jehu says:

    I don’t think that the fact that he’s been charged contributes any information. Of course the special prosecutor feels compelled politically to charge him with SOMETHING, and would even if all of the evidence supported GZ’s position. Not going through a grand jury is also fishy—probably this bypass was done because of fear that the grand jury would tell them to take a hike.

  4. Alvis Velthomer says:

    Zimmerman WILL be convicted or else most of America’s cities will be burnt to the ground.

  5. doug1111 says:


    I think you’re being very nieve. This case just about had to be brought for reasons of the howling, threatening to riot all over Florida and elsewhere black mob reasons.

  6. Polymath says: makes it clear there are string-pullers behind this story. They are racial arsonists who deserve long prison sentences for inciting the the widespread “Justice for Trayvon” black-on-white violence we are already seeing.

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