No prizes for following the rules

This post

is about a minor issue, but I was struck by its conclusion:

…let go of the notion that the bourgeoisie follow the rules (hint, you’re the petit bourgeoisie). The elite are above them, cue David Gregory and Turbotax Tim, and anarcho-tyranny is the rule for the rest. Time for you to start who…whom. There’s no prize for being the last group to follow the rules as intended, or even the rules as written.

It is stupid to follow rules that your opponents violate with impunity. This is why evil beats stupid. Not only the pathetic Republicans, but much more broadly, conservatives, traditionalists, and good people in general, are constrained not simply by laws, but by ethical instincts that society in general has been losing for two or three generations, and they can’t get past the childish attitude that life is fair and there is some Parent in control who will chastise those who don’t play fair. Instead, all they have is a crooked referee who is really working for their enemies.

These people should recognize that they ARE the grownups and if they don’t play to win they will lose. Just being fair and following your ethical instincts may get you a reward in some afterlife, but it’s not guaranteed any good result on Earth, if you want something you must fight for it. Instead, lacking a positive vision of the good for which to fight, all they do is slow down the leftward movement long enough to allow the population to catch up and adjust to it, so further leftward movement becomes possible.

It’s time to flip the script. Unfortunately we on the right have no common positive vision to oppose the Left’s progressive and egalitarian agenda. We can all unite in denouncing the current ruling elite’s idiocies, but what to replace it with that can appeal to both believers and atheists?

Our current political class is the worst ever because they are unconstrained by conscience. Arguing against them from the Christian point of view, though, is not enough; they won’t feel guilt. Making them feel shame is the best we can hope for if we want to constrain their actions, but even though just shame is enough in countries like Japan, they aren’t loyal enough to the people in general that it can work very much here, they must be ousted rather than pressured.


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