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Good blogs I recently found These sister sites are going to keep me occupied for a while catching up. I wish I’d discovered them years ago. 5 stars. I’ll write more posts about them soon. Advertisements

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Legal Tender laws

I’m trying to understand what it means for states to pass a law making gold and silver coins legal tender, as is allowed by the Constitution. Most of the articles I have found on this make no sense. It seems … Continue reading

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Best quote on the Richwine case

From the great Derb: I assumed that Harvard professors eminent enough to be sitting on a  dissertation committee would be tenured. To be on the safe side I checked this  point…all three are tenured. That means they have nothing to … Continue reading

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Professional Liars Working Overtime

Recently, for personal reasons, I have developed an extreme sensitivity for, and intolerance of, being lied to. This has resulted in my feeling depressed and angry because there are so many things about which we are lied to or misled (by “we” I mean Americans, … Continue reading

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