Professional Liars Working Overtime

Recently, for personal reasons, I have developed an extreme sensitivity for, and intolerance of, being lied to.

This has resulted in my feeling depressed and angry because there are so many things about which we are lied to or misled (by “we” I mean Americans, though I am sure Canadians and Europeans have similar issues and it may be even worse elsewhere).

I could go on forever about this, but I’ll just list a few here for later discussion:

1) Benghazi, and other current government scandals like the IRS snooping on political opponents or the “Fast and Furious” program

2) Congressmen and Senators and reporters and editors lying about what is actually in the legislation they are trying to slip past us

3) Fake official statistics on inflation, unemployment, crime, budgeting, etc.

4) Almost everything we are told about the Middle East (all sides lie)

5) Almost everything we are told about immigration (here it’s not that all sides lie, it’s that only one side gets heard and it lies)

6) Numerous hoaxes and manufactured stories


Almost as bad as the lies, and in some ways scarier, are the non-lies, whereby Americans end up with very inaccurate opinions about verifiable factual matters due to agenda-pushing and suppression, and people who try to get the real facts out are shouted down or have their characters assassinated, but that’s a topic for another post.


Is it just me, or has the official lying gotten worse recently?


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3 Responses to Professional Liars Working Overtime

  1. Assymetric information.

    It’s funny. On the one hand, we’ve become vastly more ignorant than before, the amount we learn in high school and college increasingly pathetic. At the same time, the sheer scale of government dealings, in the form of regulatory measures, policy discussions (public and behind the scenes), and so forth, makes information processing virtually impossible.

    Culture functions like a lens and allows us to perceive, project, our own ideas of what’s going on in matters on which we have no idea. Human beings have huge information gaps, and in order to deal with those unknown elements we project our own ideas onto them. Our Western culture of reason, in the traditions of St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and those who came after, has allowed us to use reason so that we might better grapple with the unknown.

    When you gut that culture and replace the faculty of reason with emotionally charged political correctness while at the same time rendering the population at large stupid, you create a recipe for disaster.

    I used to think Denmark was more screwed than the US, but after seeing how Richwine was destroyed, I’ve almost changed my mind. It’s terrifying.

  2. VXXC says:

    Don’t be so easily terrified or discouraged.
    Realize we’ve run out of conversation – talk.
    The Siren of Reason seduced many into believing if reason, history, logic and then the horrible facts and consequences of the Left’s governance [since 1933] would sway them towards sanity. This is how we were seduced – reason, which they are invulnerable to…
    They never meant to do the right thing, they meant harm. They barely hid this – we assumed that a person breathing fire, burning flags, throwing bombs an hour before was in fact reasonable because they disciplined themselves to speak that way for a time. It was…lies.

    The lies sting more because you wanted to believe them.
    We’ve run out of talk, the talk is finished. It was never leading anywhere but here…and here we are with the Great Question: What is to be done? Done. Not said.

  3. VXXC says:

    When this is over we may offer not condolences but Congratulations to Generation Nero.
    Congratulations. You’ve finally killed your parents, New Deal Government has fallen.
    America is an entirely different matter. It will not be needing you.

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