The Zero Tolerance War on Kindergarteners

Reblogged from Legal Insurrection. 5 and 6 year olds are being suspended for talking about their toy guns that shoot bubbles and their toy Nerf guns. This at first looks simply very very stupid and it is fun to make fun of how stupid the idiots are, but that’s not really what’s going on. One of the commenters got the correct point when he said:

This is a deliberate attempt to brainwash children with the “gun=evil” meme. If we don’t stand up to it and politically clean out some of these school boards, in 20 years it will become conventional wisdom that guns should be banned, period. Instead of being seen as tools and treated with respect, they are being turned into the fears of night terrors for an entire generation.

I hope organizations like the NRA, GOA, and NAGR will map out a long term campaign to rationalize school policy and replace school board members who refuse to do so. We must demand better school leadership or our children will grow up to hate firearms and beg to be disarmed.


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