Complexity creeps

Here is an article which shows how the busybodies have been taking over. Read the whole thing.

This is what Jonah Goldberg called “Liberal Fascism”, but I’m not sure this isn’t unfair to Fascism. I’ve been talking to some people who are sympathetic to Fascism, and they also praise the notion of technocracy, but they would be horrified by the examples here, NOT because the state is bossing people around, but because it is doing it so STUPIDLY.

The main question as far as I am concerned is whether this kind of stupidity is inevitable when you give the state more power over people’s ordinary lives. I see two factors which aggravate the situation in the USA today:
(1) anti-meritocracy, and
(2) oikophobia.

This puts people in charge, or in the dangerous middle levels of the bureaucracy, who are both
(1) incompetent at understanding the consequences of their interventions, and
(2) contemptuous of the ordinary people who bear the burdens.

Those two factors are not essential to Fascism (because real Fascism is
(1) hierarchical and
(2) nationalistic),
although they pervade modern liberalism.

So it looks like Goldberg is guilty of calling his liberal opponents “Fascists” inappropriately, just as he accuses liberals of calling their conservative opponents “Fascists” inappropriately; the difference is that the liberals’ comparison is unfair to conservatives, while Goldberg’s comparison is unfair to Fascists!


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